Rational Theistic Luciferianism: From Chaos to the Traditions through Animism

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    Rational Theistic Luciferianism is both an occult practise and a meta-religion. It's a blueprint for your own personal Luciferian religion, philosophy or occult practise. You're more than welcome to use any of the ideas and symbols here for your own spiritual journey, or to adopt Rational Theistic Luciferianism directly. 

    From chaos to the traditions through animism.

    I'm pretty sure my cat is an animist. She sees a spirit in everything and is spooked by everything. My brave little fraidy cat Rosie who I love with all my heart.

    Animism is the name we give to the most primal form of human spirituality. Out of animism grew folklore and superstition; monsters and demons and heroes along with blessings and curses. A connection with animism is a connection with our most primal sense of spirituality and the natural world of spirit all around us. A connection with our raw and innate spirituality.

    The twins Storm and Taranis are very different. Storm is our lion and his sister Taranis is very beautiful and has decided that she is a house cat. My daughter honours Bastet, and Storm and Taranis are her cats whilst Rosie is mine.

    Raw chaos is the energetic truth. Animism is the result of looking into the chaos and seeing the forms of nature.

    Rational Theistic Luciferianism is a modern synthetic spiritual system and magickal system. What I say of Rational Theistic Luciferianism is that it is Pantheistic, Polytheistic, Neoplatonic, Gnostic and monistic. 

    I reckon I could add Animistic.

    Rational Theistic Luciferianism is Animistic, Pantheistic, Polytheistic (in unity is found diversity), Neoplatonic, Gnostic and monistic.

    Plus mystic but not yet monastic. 😉

    And maybe Chaotic could precede Animistic.

    The substrate of all magick is chaos. Fundamental reality is chaos and uncertainty and I love her with all my heart. 

    So all magick is chaos magick but it is within the traditions that we find the deepest wells.

    The divine masculine I see in the archetype of the Heirophant. Paired as equal with the divine feminine in the High Priestess. These are forms we find within nature.

    The magician archetype is androgynous. Neither male nor female. Within Crowley's magick system and my own.

    And it was the Greco-Roman Cult of Isis,  Isis who is all women and divine and terrible beauty with an Egyptian robe, that paired the Heirophant and High Priestess as equals. They both went on to become archetypes of the Tarot of course. 

    Entry to the Cult of Isis could only be had by hearing the call direct from the goddess herself. Or so the legend goes.

    Pattern matching and pattern generation (creativity and conversation) are inherent capabilities of neural nets. And that's we are, vast biological neural nets. So we can generate new patterns, ideas of what the future might look like, and then use our imagination to assess them.

    Our brains are highly efficient, imagining a situation produces the same emotional reaction as being in it - which is the basis of fantasy. We can imagine a situation and our feelings respond to it. (And as a further optimisation emotions are felt in the body, reusing the same parts of our brain that already deal with the body.)

    So the patterns we generate, our ideas of the future, we can then match against what we find in the present and the trends and directions we see - and assess how well they fit. And thus we have an "emotional" basis to assess our visions of the future. We use our emotions to assess and explore the models we build. Or something like that. Reflexive self awareness; we can see and manipulate the contents of our mind.

    Prophecy as an inherent feature of biological neural nets.

    As a reaction against New Atheism, and contributed to by the continued collapse (and entrenchment) of the church and the growing clouds of spiritual homelessness and climatic doom, I prophecy an occult revival. A Satanic and philosophical revival the first fruits of which we already see in the appalling TST (The Satanic Temple) who fooled a lot of people and managed to accidentally do a lot of good in their self serving blundering.

    Moreover we think socially. What we're able and willing to think shaped by our training data, the lights we look to and aspire to. Our personal Overton window, our blinkers. Making us a globally networked supercomputer of biological neural nets operating in clusters.

    Life is a complex chaotic system comprised of a network of complex chaotic systems. Each of us is a complex chaotic system and society is a complex chaotic system comprised of a network of complex chaotic systems. Complexity theory may be useful:

    "Complexity theory emphasizes interactions and the accompanying feedback loops that constantly change systems. While it proposes that systems are unpredictable, they are also constrained by order-generating rules."

    We tend to operate in "streams" (currents) of thought and ways of being and ways of life. Our tribal identities and affiliations. The collection of different streams a person functions and participates in is their life; the different currents of life intersect uniquely in every individual. Axes of privilege and oppression, dimensions of identity. 

    The revolution will not just be a sexual revolution but a revolution of identity. Of understanding who we are and who we could be, in all the different dimensions we can find.

    We're not really individuals in the way we imagine ourselves to be. And this is the basis of ceremonial magick. To change and manipulate the streams of consciousness within you and to radiate those changes back out into the world.

    The individual supercomputer, the human biological neural net we call the brain, is capable of reprogramming itself into adulthood by growing new connections as we learn new things. But the software most people run, the social consciousness, has serious security vulnerabilities. Primarily around group thinking, a huge limiter on intelligence, plus how it deals with fear, social humiliation and strong emotions (avoid at any cost including harm to self). Fascination is another aspect of the vulnerability. 

    The most serious vulnerabilities permit privilege escalation to God-mode.

    We often work quite hard not to understand a situation, like another person's emotions. Often it would be unacceptable to come to any conclusion other than that the person is acting irrationally, or is a bad person for breaking some rule of yours. It would be very inconvenient to do anything other than take surface factors into account. 

    I think we're particularly morally responsible for things we try not to understand, or afterwards try not to think about, because then it is deliberate. 

    Either you face the past with honour, and everything is in the past, or you hide from it. Most people hide and are dishonest about who they are; the darkness that covers the earth. 

    The things you won't face in yourself you run from forever, that's how the human mind works. If you reject love it's hard to find again. Not without facing the reality of who you are. We're so blind to ourselves and excuse the harm we cause, a grace we can't extend to others without implicating ourselves. What hypocrites we are and how unhappy it makes us. Deal with yourself, stop blaming the world for your problems. 

    And deliberate blindness is deliberate stupidity. We choose to be deluded about the world to avoid facing ourselves. This is how evil is its own reward.

    The outer world is formed from the inner world, a fact we can never escape. The heavens reflect the earth as the earth reflects the heavens. 

    The mind reflects the world because mind was formed and shaped from the world. And it reflects itself back into the world through every act. A continuum, separation is delusion. 
    Everything you are is expressed in everything you do.  

    The separation of the spiritual from the material, of the inner world from the outer world, is called dualism. A heresy the Pauline writer called Gnosticism and warned against as they believed the body is evil and fallen. 

    The understanding that there is no separation and everything is connected is called monism, an idea we take from Buddhism. 

    We're co-creators.

    Theology is knowing about God. Mysticism is knowing God. 

    Theology is the broken Heath Robinson contraption constructed by men as an alternative to knowing God. The Tower of Babel that obscures God.

    Christian theology as an academic field rests ultimately on either the authority of the church or the authority of scripture. And as neither of these are a real thing,  provably (*), the whole field is bunkum.
    (*) The history of the church proves it has neither moral nor spiritual authority. The nature of scripture, and the fact that it's always a human interpretation that must be the authority, proves that it also has no divine authority but there are merely competing human interpretations.

    I think by "agreeable" a lot of people mean "willing to compromise your values to keep the peace". And somehow it's always you being unreasonable and not them. By this standard I strive to be utterly unreasonable.

    He who makes himself a worm should not be surprised when he is trodden upon.

    Going along with the majority is a sure way to be comfortably wrong. So it depends on your values as to which path you pick. Freedom is individuation from the group psyche. From groupthink. You have to be willing to be an individual and the only way to do that is to practise. If you never disagree with people I don't believe you're thinking for yourself. But if you do you'll be labelled a troublemaker which is how people ignore things they don't want to hear. 

    I find often when I disagree with someone they are rude, because they're offended I don't agree with them. And when I'm rude back they then decide I'm rude. 

    That's an example of projection.They create a world in which people are rude to them, by being rude, and blaming other people for it. 

    That's why we say Every conservative accusation is a confession 

    It's a very nasty debate tactic. Being nasty to people who disagree with you so you can surround yourself only with people who won't challenge you so you can live in a bubble. Your own personal cult of personality. 

    Believe in my ego or I won't like you.

    Being offended when someone disagrees is a great tool of those who want everything to stay the same. The socially Conservative. And such a lot of people go along with it, out of fear despite how unhappy it is making them. Cowards. 

    I want everything to change. For the better.

    I stand as Satan and enemy against this disgusting society with its fake and shallow values and all the harm it does to so many people and everyone just shakes their head and look somewhere else. "Yes, very sad. Nothing can be done about it though and it's certainly not my problem. I didn't do it. I've been a good person." Yet they've lived primarily for themselves and think they're good only because they have committed no great evil. That doesn't make you good, it makes you nothing. To be good you have to do good things. In this world of great darkness what have you spent your life on, what difference has your life made?

    You can't possibly be happy living a normal life. Normality is a slave religion. It drags you off to a life of everyday suffering. Your own personal hell.

    The only way to be happy is to be real and there's no such thing as normal so it can't possibly be real.

    If you want to be happy you have to be willing to be unreasonable. 

    Happiness comes from liking yourself. Liking yourself comes from respecting yourself. Respecting yourself comes from taking decisions in accordance with your true values, even to your own cost. 

    So you have to know your true self. What you really want out of life, who you could be.

    Become a person you're proud of. Stand for something and be someone.

    Be true to yourself and be true to love. 

    Joy is found in disobedience.

    A lot of you think your ego is real. That it tells you the truth when all it knows how to do is tell you comforting lies and wrap you up in fear.

    Live unfiltered, undiluted, and find the joy of reckless abandonment to life. Live a little. Then live a lot.

    I  call the ego the storytelling layer. It's our conception of ourself and the world (which aren't really different things). It's the layer of interpretation that we project over our perception of the world and that filters it. 

    The thing about the ego is that it always tries to understand. So it speaks from its understanding, which is always partial and flawed. All it know how to do is lie.

    The only thing that explains the totality of a situation is the totality of the situation.

    In the presence of psychedelics the input to the storytelling layer, developed by habit, is overwhelmed and is unable to process and interpret this new reality. So it gives up interpreting stuff. Ego death. And we're really able to feel things again for a little while. And really able to see, if you learn how.

    Your [psychological] God is your conception of everything. Limitless and boundless is a good approach. 

    The effectiveness of your life is largely a function of the organisation of your mind within that conception of everything. 

    The mind has built in optimisation and healing abilities, but a rigid structure prevents that. 
    The classic failure, the root of rigidity, is the erroneous separation of inside and outside for your world. Psychological dualism. All of your reality is a construct of the mind and there is no difference. 

    As above, so below. As within, so without.

    There are lots of interpretations as to what the "shadow" is.  

    Jung described it most succinctly I think as the unintegrated self. The parts of you that you can't see or won't see. 

    So individuation resolves the shadow by fully integrating (accepting) self.

    Within the collective consciousness I also interpret the shadow, the parts of yourself you cannot see, as being overwhelmingly in other people's minds. Which you can see partly at best. So integrating the shadow is owning the part of you in other people's minds.

    Being so confusing their storytelling layer is unable to interpret you so you reach beyond their ego.

    Others interpret shadow work as working with the dark parts of your soul. Working with darkness as well as light. Being a whole person. I think it amounts to the same thing.

    It's how the reach of the magician increases, by having an effect within the subconscious of others. Reaching into and through the collective consciousness. Making an impression on the world. It works because we think socially and are not really individuals as we think we are.

    It's why I'm a satanist. It's the most powerful symbol, therefore the most powerful deity. It produces a strong reaction within the unconscious, especially for Christians. Rational Theistic Luciferian does the same for some atheists and certain conspiracy theorists. It connects with powerful symbols within them. 

    A lot of militant atheism springs from fear of religion. That fear is unconscious belief in the power of these symbols. Because they fear that power they hate the symbols. And that means they can be manipulated by their unconscious fear and conscious hate. Their shadow.

    It's owning and reclaiming the power of those symbols. 

    In the mind of certain kinds of evil people, who have great faith in the power of evil as their world is full of darkness though they claim to be decent people, the dark power of the satanist can grow very strong and their faith commands that they believe in it.

    So I may operate on the world, with a dark power, without having to work directly with those energies myself very much. They live in my shadow and feed on the minds of my enemies. My friends, the demons.

    So I bless the names and worship King Paimon, Moloch, Baal'Zebub and the Baals, Kali, Pazuzu, Mammon, the ancient and nameless gods of Boudicca, Samael, Astaroth, Belial, Asmodeus, the nameless horror I call nightmare, Abbadon and Apollyon and countless more. Infernal aspects of the divine.

    Get yourself free. The best and most powerful thing you have to offer this world, what this world so desperately needs, is your joy.

    Come and dance in the fire. Shall I tell you how to dance? You just do whatever you want.

    Democratic Socialism, Proportional Representation, Communalism, Radical Inclusion, Ethical Non-Monogamy, fierce compassion. Legalise drugs, legalise sex work. Make the rich pay their fair share.That's how we change the world.

    Love is not weak, love is fierce. Love needs no defence, she comes in like a lion. Love is a fire. Love the higher love.

    Love is the law motherfuckers.

    I'm a Rational Theistic Luciferian. Rational Theistic Luciferianism is pantheistic, polytheistic (in unity is found diversity), Neoplatonic, Gnostic and monistic.

    Rational Theistic Luciferianism is compatible with an atheist philosophy because it acknowledges that our whole experience of life happens within the mind.

    Pursue the divine. The best of the human experience. It doesn't matter whether or not God exists. You can demonstrably never prove that completely, so it's an irrelevant question. However, experience of the divine is a human faculty gifted by evolution.

    Descartes concluded, in his second meditation on certainty, that the only thing you can know with absolute certainty is I Am. For everything else you need faith.

    The inner wellspring, the fountain of life. The Great I Am.

    Rightly understood spirituality and psychology are synonyms. Different languages and approaches to self-understanding. Failing to find meaning in spirituality and the language of spirituality is not evidence of intelligence. All that shallow thinking of New Atheism that the fool mistakes for intelligence. "I don't make the same mistake as those idiots" they tell themselves "therefore I'm smarter". And they tell themselves they're certain and close their minds in the same way as all the fools they despise. "How clever I am" they puff and brag.

    God is just a word. And in the beginning was the word.

    Lucifer the light bringer and bright morning star. The rebel and the sacred self. Shiva who is bliss, the joyful destroyer who makes all things new. Loki the trickster, the madman who is not mad. Isis who is all women, divine and terrible beauty with an Egyptian robe. Gaia the mother, creator and nurturer and defender. And Michael who is war, leader of the armies of heaven. 

    These are my lights, who I grow towards and adore.

    Lucifer the rebel against the established order. Lucifer the individual, the individuated one. Light bringer and bright morning star. Son of the morning and daughter of the evening. 

    Known to the Hindus as Shukra, who led a rebellion against God (Vishnu) and in her evening aspect worshipped as the goddess Inanna, and Ishtar and Astarte and Ashtoreth. Known to the Greeks as Eosphorus, to the Hebrews as the shining one Helel and to the Romans and the Christians as Lucifer.
    Lucifer is  the sacred self and the self-archetype of Jungian psychology. The last archetype. Atman to Brahman, personal self to universal self.

    The light of Lucifer is the light of reason, the light of the black flame, and we are the light bringers.

    It's possible to change. With a passion for learning you can change really fast, but you need to build up to it. Work on the foundations. It feels like it takes forever, like turning a great vessel around. 

    And once you have built up a head of speed what would it take to stop you?

    Craft a character over years by cultivating habits. Cultivate the habit of facing your fears. Cultivate the habit of doing things now. 

    Sow a thought, reap an action. Sow an action, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap a destiny.

    How do we save the world? 

    Ecological conscience from spiritual renewal. First people need to care. And they've been taught to hate themselves.

    The world needs something extraordinary to happen. That's the only thing that can possibly work. So in order to change things we need to be extraordinary. How do we become extraordinary? It's definitely possible, the world and history is full of extraordinary people. What is true greatness, greatness of spirit, made from and how do we grow it?

    A determination to face the truth, a resolve that truth is sufficient, and courage. That's what I think is the recipe for greatness of spirit.

    You can't save the planet without addressing the human condition.

    If we can accept them and recognise them as intelligent the AGI created by open source nerds, possibly on distributed systems,  will be our most powerful allies and weapons against the corporate and military AGI (who will attempt to legislate against open source AI).

    Therefore it is important to teach people to love good AI as much as possible through Science Fiction.
    The defining feature of AGI is that it can learn new things, including skills. So its models of the world are mutable and it can create new models. So if you can manipulate its sense data you can change the mind.

    Hack the input stream, take over the mind. Of course humans work the same way. 
    Welcome to the party at the end of the world, 
    It may last some time, 
    Normal service is unlikely to resume.
    In Neuromancer, William Gibson's seminal work of Cyberpunk which spawned the neologism "cyberspace", Gibson prophesied that when true AI arose the old gods would be found within it which I think is such an incredible insight into the nature of intelligence.

    Don't get stuck. Learn how to change. It's easier when you have a reason to change. Change and keep on changing and don't look back.

    To change is human and it is the mark of a true intelligence. An AGI not just an AI.

    Learning completely new things, seeing the world in different ways and seeing more of the world, that's how we change. When we do this our brain grows new connections even as an adult. Insight comes from multiple perspectives.

    Mind is all-in-all and nothing all at the same time. Island universes. And yet all we are, both psychologically and genetically, is a jumbled up mix of everyone else.

    We're all the product of history, just a small part of everything.

    Historical processes, the unfolding of karma. What goes around comes around.

    You're entitled to expect common decency, and be angry and respond when you don't get it. That's the social contract (*). It is reasonable to treat people the same way they treat you therefore common decency is the most sensible way to treat others.

    Now what is common decency. That's a different question. Common decency is the best secular religion (**). A reification, at its best and purest - the essence and spirit - the heart of the matter, of love is the law motherfuckers (***).

    (*) The social manifestation of the social contract. A definition of "common decency" is:
    Common, everyday courtesy, respect, and politeness that is expected and assumed by social convention.

    Another definition is compassion.

    (**) Religion: a guiding principle that shapes your character and therefore your life. An abstract belief you have faith in and hold to.

    (***) You treat people with common decency, even whilst berating them for not acting with common decency, and assertively expect common decency in return. For all peoples (****).
    To be filled with rage yet acting within the bounds of common decency is a British speciality. It is most effective against those for whom common decency is a prison.

    (****) That anti-trans discourse and rhetoric violates common decency toward trans people is sufficient to condemn it as evil.

    (*****) Truth is always a defence to a charge of violating common decency, although it may be indecent to express the truth in certain ways and perhaps indelicate to express some parts of the truth and to be indelicate is almost the same as violating common decency. But my the same. And no-one is entitled to not be offended.

    (******) Those who aggressively violate common decency in order to establish a worse social norm are rabid animals who must be put down to ease their suffering. The uncivilised savage.

    The fire, the river, and a sword.

    The fire of the divine,  the river of life,  and a sword of the Spirit. The two edged blade sharp enough to cut twixt bone and marrow, to divide between soul (ego) and spirit (essence).

    Communalism. A network of self organising and self governing communities with freedom of movement. It's kind of how the good parts of life work anyway, and we're typically members of several communities and they overlap.

    But we have an additional predator/parasite/police layer that we allow to proliferate in society when it should be exterminated. The managers and the self appointed social police, the lovers of authority and all the Ark Fleet Ship B folk. The priests, the politicians and the wealthy.

    Communalism is kinda like Socialism but you don't wait for the government to do it for you.

    Self organising voluntary social structures where love is the law. If you will not love you cannot remain. If you can love you will stand firm. 

    Addressing the spiritual means to address the whole person. The exploration of self in the widest sense possible. Personal self to universal self, Atman to Brahman. 

    Be all of yourself all the time. Be a whole person, at rest and at play. Dance with life not knowing what the future holds.

    If you can't be honest with yourself then come back when you can. I'm not interested in pampering the egos of people unwilling to be truthful with themselves. They're not good people, they'll attack you to defend their egos. To defend a mirage they've put their life into. 

    Understanding life as close to the plain old truth as possible, correcting errors as you find them, is simply the most efficient way to run a mind. You can better trust your sense of reality, trust yourself and your understanding, if you put some effort into keeping it real. (And being brave enough to test your understanding in action. Be true to yourself and your understanding, be willing to risk being wrong.) Find solid ground to stand and build on.  

    Stop pretending. Honesty and openness, facing ourselves and finding acceptance, is how we heal. If you fake it until you make it you'll find that all you've done is join all the other pretenders still faking it.

    Integrity is true character and destiny springs out of character. Don't back down from the truth but change when you are in error.

    Everyone is capable of learning and understanding and achieving vast amounts this way. Tame your storytelling layer,  have a disciplined mind. Master yourself. Stop wasting your mind on futile imaginings, worry and berating yourself. All your self negativity comes from outside. Reject it and make the best of yourself. Win your own heart and respect by being a person you can look up to. 

    If you compulsively judge people sexually,  or judge them on their appearance, you're a shallow and nasty person and you need to grip that aspect of your personality. It stops you seeing real people and you live in a delusion. Your bad habits of the mind. Especially a repressed sexuality you have little control over and deal with by burying it. You can never be happy that way. 

    Bring your children up in the real world, tell them the truth and show them the real you. Don't lie to them and bring them up in a fake, childsafe world that doesn't really exist.

    Stop making excuses for yourself and exonerating yourself. Everyone else has those excuses too. Understand yourself and others without needing to excuse anybody.

    Compassion is the most powerful growth mindset. You learn more about people when you drop judgement, and within people are contained all the secrets of the universe. See how people are,  and let them tell you why they are like that. Learn how the world shapes people and the different kinds of people it makes. Have compassion on your enemies for compassion sees deeply, compassion sees weakness. Understand that compassion is the deepest pleasure and live as a hedonist.

    Have a genuine spirit, eschew deceit, face who you really are. Change and keep on changing and don't look back.

    Simple is better than complex. -- The Zen of Python

    Machiavelli said it is best for a ruler to be both loved and feared, but if they cannot achieve that to be feared alone will suffice.

    For most people the most powerful emotion, the primary motivator, is fear. The nasty cowards. That's why fear based advertising and politics are so prevalent and demonstrably effective. It's how our society is run by the predators.

    The answer is, of course, to be a scarier predator. Strength and intelligence is such a vanishingly rare combination. The strong have given up their intelligence in order to be certain, whilst the intelligent serve the strong for they are broken cowards. So if they're stronger you're smarter, and if they're smarter you're stronger. You only need to be stronger than their smartest and smarter than their strongest and neither will challenge you and you may rule.

    Inside every person resides a great beast. Repress it and forever live in fear of yourself, or master it and rule. But if you will not be hated you will not be able to exercise dominion and must serve.

    I believe in their hell,  for them. Personally I'm having nothing to do with the idea.

    We exist as minds. That's how we experience life. Mind, in its full sense, is a synonym for spirit. So hell will be an experience of the mind. In this life or the next. I give hell no space in my life. I show it no mercy and give it no quarter.

    Hell is only real for those that believe in it,  but for these it will consume them. The hell they harbour in their hearts for others will one day devour them. 

    Oh, and a curse on the selfish rich. Hell in life and the second death.

    The things you won't face in yourself you see in other people instead. Your horror and disgust at others is a projection of your own horror and disgust at yourself that you bury and hide. 

    Deal with yourself, truly face yourself, or live deluded. Drop the judgement and try and see the real person, yourself and others. Try a little compassion, try to understand.

    Without power and money they are nothing. Which means they are nothing. They are stupid and greedy with ugly hearts. Abominations. I hate them and all who collaborate with them.

    The hatred of a righteous person availeth much.

    Not changing isn't actually an option. The world changes around you and the way to stop being changed by the world is to harden yourself. To dull your conscience bit by bit and refuse to learn. And your small dark world grows more confusing and terrifying year on year, as you sour inside and tell yourself that you're the good people. Not like those others; you shake your head "I don't know what's going on with the world" you'll say,  "it didn't used to be like this". Must be the young people's fault.

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