Rational Theistic Luciferianism: Spirituality & Mysticism

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    Rational Theistic Luciferianism is both an occult practise and a meta-religion. It's a blueprint for your own personal Luciferian religion, philosophy or occult practise. You're more than welcome to use any of the ideas and symbols here for your own spiritual journey, or to adopt Rational Theistic Luciferianism directly. 

    The ultimate goal of psychotherapy is individuation, to become a complete individual. The goal of meditation is called Enlightenment, the attainment of psychological perfection. 

    Enlightenment with a capital E is the event, the happening, which the Buddha is said to have attained and most believe to be an illusion and not possible. Others describe it as transient, beautiful but partial, or as a process; enlightenment with a little e. This enlightenment is the flash of sun off the wing of a dove in flight or a drop of rain on a clear day brushing your skin, it is the light shining in the eyes of an animal that loves you.

    In "Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English" (which I recommend) Bhikkhu Henepola Gunaratana charts a path to Enlightenment through pure reason in addition to the path via meditation and the Dhyanas and the arūpa āyatanas.

    In The Illuminatus Trilogy Robert Anton Wilson describes how every neophyte must face death and surrender to it. In the occult we describe a similar happening to Enlightenment as "crossing the abyss" and it is a complete letting go and happens through pain and is the initiation. A beginning rather than the end.

    There are definitely powerful spiritual experiences that it's possible to have. There's what the Christians call "baptism in the spirit" and the Buddha called "rapture" (pīti) and the Hindus call release of the Kundalini (although the release of the Kundalini is fairly specific - uncurling and releasing the life force/tension/power coiled at the base of the spine, the release of which is a great burst of creative energy through your body and life. It is found both in Hinduism and Sikh Yoga).

    I had "baptism of the spirit" through the laying on of hands when I was a teenager. It exactly matched the Buddhist description of "rapture" (spontaneous release of energy and pleasure due to finding a new and releasing psychological state) which can be obtained through meditation and which I read about a few years later. I have achieved Dhyana in meditation but not rapture.

    I believe I have experienced the release of the kundalini too. As a result of years of meditation and a minor car accident, which apparently is one way to trigger it. Laying on of hands from a master is another.

    Enlightenment as an event is the attainment of psychological perfection. Which I believe would be a lightning bolt to the head, but I don't believe anyone who claims they've achieved it unless they can demonstrate it through remarkable insight. A fair rule of thumb is that anyone who claims to be enlightened isn't.

    I'm not so much formulating a rule of "don't tell" as pointing out that the world is full of charlatans claiming to be enlightened. So if you are enlightened telling people will achieve nothing, so you wouldn't.

    Like true authority it can never be claimed and only demonstrated.

    Contrast this however with the A∴A∴ system of magick. On crossing the Abyss you attain the grade of the Magister. That is upper triad consisting of Magister, Magus and Ipsissimus which are one. To attain the grade of Magus 9=2 one must take upon oneself a 'curse of the grade' and the curse consist of this - that you must tell EVERYONE you ARE Magus (regardless of the sticks and stones) and proclaim your Law.

    "Tell everyone" is interesting. It strikes me as burning your bridges, committing yourself to it utterly, no way back.

    That to me is at the core of the abyss experience. It is a full letting go and the ego will run anywhere to avoid that - and that anywhere is straight to the heart of your pain which is the most locked away place and that's how you open up. So it is required, that you face yourself and to do that you must let go fully. No way back. Changed forever.

    We are so far from what we could be, there is so much more that we could be, and yet we cling so tightly to what holds us back because we fear the pain. The only way to be fully transformed is an utter abandonment. To reach the other side.

    That's why I have fire tattooed on my right forearm. Permanently marked by fire.


    “The vows of the four great Bodhisattvas” Dharma Talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh on January 15, 1998 in Plum Village, France.

    "Our tradition emphasizes that each person who practices Buddhism should see his or herself as holding a candle in one’s hand. This candle will help one to light (see) the way, and others will benefit from the light. For this reason, Mahayana Buddhists do not wait until perfect enlightenment before one acts, we begin to act when we begin our practice."
    I first learned Mahayana Buddhism with a Buddhist commune, then called the Friends of the Western Buddhism Order (FWBO) in Cambridge in the mid-nineties where I learned meditation and Tai Chi as a form of silent worship.

    I have meditated regularly ever since, although not with what I would call disciplined practise until about 2010. For a long while it was in conjunction with Christian worship (I find Metta - the Buddhist conception of love - to be weak) and then in conjunction with sacred psychedelics and psychotherapy and more recently I have added ceremonial magick to my spiritual practice (an invocation and adoration of Lucifer which includes glossolalia). 

    For seven or years or so it was my habit to meditate (mindfulness of breathing as taught by the Buddha in the Sutras) for one hour a day. I only did it six days a week as I did not want to be too religious about it. I found it transformative.

    I took a break for a couple of years, processing a breakdown as I reopened the wounds from my psychosis twenty-five years previously. Near the start of the first lockdown (two years or so ago hence) I picked meditation up again and have maintained at least two hours a day since. Mostly mindfulness with some Zazen, the Zen meditation which is called "just sitting"

    I have always tried to practise the habit of compassion. Living in a Christian cult as a true believer for a decade, with no money or personal possessions except underwear and no TV, I loved and spent time with every kind of person you may imagine in every state of mind. I do not pursue money or grasp for it.

    I revere Buddhism from my practice of Buddhism.

    This is the meditation I've practised for decades:
    On mindfulness I recommend the books "The Power of Now" and "Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English".

    Change the world. Start with you.

    What the world needs is passion. Passion changes things. The fire. The best way to start a fire, to spread the fire, is to be on fire. To burn. 🔥

    The most powerful thing you have to offer this world is your joy. Don't sacrifice your joy for a lesser cause. Save the world, live deliciously. Find your full potential and be at peace.

    Magick is a branch of mysticism.

    Now Exodus never happened and the Hebrews were Palestinians, and if Moses existed he was a Hyksos; the dynasty of Palestinian origin that ruled northern Egypt as the 15th dynasty. Nonetheless the story of Exodus contains within it the deepest secret of mysticism. The one name by which the one Spirit may be invoked. The name, creative word, contains and reveals the nature of the one Spirit. Both essence and substance. The pure and perfect fire of love from which all that is good proceeds and derives. The highest good, the black and undiluted flame of pure consciousness. Pure being.

    Egyptian magick is one of the most potent that has ever existed and you can see its influence in culture and paganism and ceremonial magick in many ways. The Egyptians made gods of their Pharaohs, and the basis of that magick is evil. Stealing the faith of the people and giving it to humans who were unworthy. An absolute belief. Nonetheless it is a very potent form of magick as human faith is the currency of magick.

    The legend of Moses and the burning bush is where Moses asks God their name and God replies with the Tetragrammatton. The holiest name which is YHVH, Yod Hey Vov Hey in Hebrew. It means "I Am" and is usually vocalised as Yahweh although the original vocalisation is lost as it became too holy to speak and Hebrew is written without the vowels. As the consonants are all aspirated consonants some scholars speculate that the one name cannot be vocalised as it is the sound of the breath.

    The Greek form of the Tetragrammatton, IAO, can be vocalised. Iota Alpha Omega, the beginning to the end as the smallest possible unit. It can be said as EE-AH-OH and if you run them together they make a long Yow sound. But more wolf than black country.

    Herein is the deepest secret of mysticism. The Great I Am. That psychologically and spiritually we all derive from the same source and share one consciousness. That within us at least, everything is alive and shares the same life. The inner wellspring, the Great I Am. Pure being. That magick is more powerful than the magick of the Egyptians and in the legend of the Exodus Hebrew magick with the power of the one name defeated the Egyptian magick.

    Christianity was spread at the point of a Roman sword as a means of subjugating the populace. And this is how Hebrew mysticism came to this land a couple of thousand years ago more or less. Medieval Hebrew mysticism then went on to become the basis of ceremonial magick in the hands of John Dee who was the court astrologer for Elizabeth the first and it was he who coined the term the British Empire. The magick that helped forge and bind the Roman empire also forged and bound the British Empire.

    After that we have the Golden Dawn and then Crowley, also in the UK. The magick breaks out again, and Hebrew mysticism in the form of the Qabala is right at the heart of it.

    The dirty secret of ceremonial magick is that the power derives from the one source, the one fountain, the one name. It is in the power of the name.

    Arcane pathways that trap and channel and allow the energies of the void to spill over.

    Sociologically it was Christian values that went onto the become the Western liberal ethic. See the historical role of Christian values (as well as the evil they did) in ending slavery and the foundation of the NHS and the welfare state. Of course both Christians and liberals would deny this, the liberals hate the Christians for their evil whilst the Christians hate the liberals because they take all that love and acceptance stuff way too far.

    Even more recently see how the spiritual movement of the sixties, free love, had its parallel in the church with Charismania. The house church movement which ended in the horrors of Evangelicism but it was the genuine experiences of spirituality (baptism in the spirit and worship) that trapped people in it.

    Again that magick wrestles and turns, seeking expression and freedom from the evil authoritarianism, the tarmac and concrete, that has held it bound.

    This time, and again, the expression of magick is through the light of reason. The light of Lucifer.

    So if we are all connected through the one flame, then within the one flame we may change things. This is magick. Connection to the source that sustains and is all of reality. We all participate as co-creators. Magick is to do this consciously. And all magick derives from this, however circuitously.

    Reverence and repetition are the key to ceremonial magick and a magickal system is a framework that connects you to source whilst allowing you to have faith in yourself and the rituals. A framework for reverence and power to grow within. The closer the abstractions and patterns of the magickal system map to the abstractions and patterns we find in wider reality, including both current culture and all of history, the more powerful the magickal system is. Magickal systems provide tools that interact with the patterns in the void, for both understanding (divination) and effecting change through participation in the currents of the void.

    Neoplatonism is strongly related to Gnosticism. Although Gnosticism appears twice in history and the second is not the same as the first.

    An aspect of Neoplatonism explains the relationship between the gods, in hierarchy, and the one name. That they derive from the one name just as our nature derives from the one name. The godhead is all things and all derives from them; and both Christianity and Hinduism has a trinity as the godhead whereas Thelema has a duality (Hadit and Nuit).

    This makes it a complete spiritual system. In unity is found diversity. We can explain all religion and spirituality through this.

    Back then they called the gods, the divine intelligences, "angels" - but this gives you the flavour of it:

    The first hierarchy, the most powerful of angels who do not suffer mortal eye are closest to G-d by proximity and nature for there is no difference. The Cherubim and Seraphim are closest to G-d partaking most directly of the divine light and nature, casting their rays onto the lower hierarchies of archangels and angels who in their turn cast forth the divine light unto the mundane spheres in which all things live and move and have their being.

    Rational Theistic Luciferianism is pantheistic, polytheistic, Neoplatonic, Gnostic and monistic.

    When the neophyte learns that the key is the proper application of the dynamo of living power they have learned the Mystery of their Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in their hands.

    Finding the reality of it. That's the thing. Eschewing illusion and delusion.

    Casting off the reassuring self aggrandisement of Choronzon, ripping off the bandages from our own wounds to face reality as she really is.

    I do Goetic invocations as part of my occult practise. My demonolatory is an invocation of Lucifer. 

    Working with demons tends to be high magick and chaos magick, of which sigils is a branch, tends to be low magick. 

    The demons can be seen as the higher elements of consciousness and nature and the fates, or the lower elements of our collective unconscious.  High magick interferes directly with the source code our human minds all run on - as does all of nature - rather than writing software on top of it (which is more like traditional chaos magick).

    Summoning demons is usually evocation and I think it is a lesser part of the craft. Invocation is within you, evocation is external and maybe contained within something like a jar or crystal or circle.

    I do high magick, ceremonial magick. A point of crossover with chaos magick is that both use sigils and the symbols of the unconscious.

    Like our gut is host to millions of microbes, and we are not individuals in our body, we are also not individuals in our psyche. Much of who we are is shared and common to others. The gods are made of us and we are made of them. As above so below, as within so without. 

    McKenna talked about the machine elves. Machine Elves are the helpful bacteria, the microbiome of the soul. Servitors are another basic discarnate entity, one of the simplest spiritual entities. These are in the same category of being as "demons". Demons are aspects of our collective unconscious. Servitors and machine elves are more specifically personal rather than shared. Psychological manifestations of aspects of who we are.

    Ceremonial magick provides channels, arcane pathways, for the energies of the void to spill over.

    The raw energy of the void is also the base material of chaos magick too. There's a longing for magick with people reaching out through many different lenses and frameworks; the magickal currents: the current of the Golden Dawn. Druidism. Chaos magick. Wicca and paganism. The Luciferian current. Satanism and philosophically atheistic Satanism. Thelema and ceremonial magick. The deconstruction movement within Christianity even.

    Spiritual currents. Aspects of collective human consciousness. The ways we think together. A deep collective meditation on magick and spirituality. Understanding ourselves! Experimenting with human consciousness and how it interacts with the rest of our life.

    So why do invocation? Worship is an invocation. An adoration. To take on and to make manifest within yourself and through yourself (your own character and personality and psyche) that which you adore. I invite Lucifer to take on the character and nature of Lucifer.

    For me Lucifer is the rebel against the established order. The individual, the individuated one. (Individuation is the highest goal of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.)

    Lucifer the light bearer, the bright morning star. Son of the morning and daughter of the evening. The sacred self and self archetype of Jungian psychology. The last archetype. The spiritual symbol of freedom. The light bearer. That's what I adore in order to make manifest within my own life and character.

    To be a light bringer, that is the purpose of my invocation. To be Lucifer just as in my Satanism Satan means enemy and you identify with the inner enemy, Leviathan the id, in order to be reconciled to yourself. To be enemy. To be Satan and Satanic.

    For me magick is about being and becoming. It's about finding and working with the magickal currents. To be in harmony with the currents and rhythms of life. To master them in as much as that is possible.

    The other demons represent other aspects of human consciousness, one version and categorisation of which is set out in Goetia. The demons and what they correspond to. And all the gods represent different things. Isis of the Egyptian pantheon is all women for example.

    The symbol of Leviathan is a symbol of strength. So I have the sigil of Leviathan on my altar. The abstract representation of power and strength. But the meaning is mostly unconscious - in my gut not just in my head. Leviathan is the ancient enemy (of the Hebrew people) who dwells in the ocean. A sea beast and the ocean represents the unconscious mind. 

    Moloch is industry. Baal'Zebub is Lord of the Buzzing Flies. A good one for dealing with enemies. Abaddon and Apollyon are the dark destroyers. Loki is the trickster, the madman who is not mad. I love the pantheons. Ra is the sun.

    Shiva who is bliss, the joyful destroyer who makes all things new. A part of the Hindu trinity, the godhead: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. In their mythology Shukra, who is Venus the light bringer, led a rebellion against God (Vishnu). The same legend as Lucifer who is Venus.

    And ceremonial magick is based on medieval Hebrew mysticism (the Qabala). Hebrew mysticism was first brought to the ancient Britons in the land of Boudica at the point of a Roman sword. 

    Enochian magick, built on Hebrew foundations, was the work of John Dee who was the court occultist and astrologer to Queen Elizabeth the first. It was Dee who coined the term "The British Empire". The magick that forged an empire.

    Enochian magick is one of the foundations of the magick of The Golden Dawn and it was the Golden Dawn that Aleister Crowley broke apart to form Thelema. Again in the UK. That ancient pressure of magick rising and seeking expression and release.

    And paganism, druidism, is what was in these lands before Christianity and as Christianity falters Druidism and the old gods arise again.

    Low magick is applied magick. Like engineering and science. Engineering is the application of science. Low magick is the practise and high magick is the theory.

    Low magick includes cursing and blessing, sigils and talismans, healing, potions, all of hedge magic, wands and divination, servitors and all that good stuff. High magick is the same energies but purely abstract rather than applied to direct end. 

    My theory is that the magickal currents are so dilute that if you want to achieve anything of substance you need to work up some higher energies and that means high magick. Closer to the source. The style of witchcraft I practise, my low magick, is Technomancy. I curse and bless as much as the next sorcerer.

    That's my usage of the terms low magick and high magick. They're hard to pin down because everyone has a different definition. However, high church and low church are common phrases in religion. High church with rituals and smells and bells and formality and low church with its charismatic worship and community. Worship as warfare and invocation.

    When it comes to magick I'm high church class with low church rules.

    In meditation, specifically mindfulness of breathing as taught by the Buddha in the Sutras, we find different states of consciousness as charted by different states of focus. 

    The default is "monkey mind" always leaping from one branch to the next and chattering incessantly.

    As we begin to focus we enter a spectrum of psychological focus we call "access concentration" where we have some focus and concentration but regular distractions.

    Eventually there comes a point where you have let go of all distractions sufficiently that they do not return. You may realise all of a sudden that your awareness is completely within the breath and it has become effortless. Time and thought stops and you have no idea how long you have been doing it. Flow state. Dhyana, jhana. Keeping your focus in the breath has become effortless.

    Just noticing it is happening usually knocks you out of it, but you can return.

    Stepping back into the garden of the mind where the work of tending the garden is the same work as enjoying the garden.

    So it is with enlightenment.
    Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen. -- Bodhidharma

    "Demons" are not evil, they're aspects of human consciousness. Formed from the suffering of humans ancient and modern. They are the suffering of our ancestors. Demons are primarily emotional, as we are primarily emotional. We anthropomorphize them as we anthropomorphize ourselves.

    No innate aspect of human nature is inherently evil, it's humans that are evil and what we choose to do. The gods did not demand human sacrifice but we formed them from our own blood anyway. The demons are the emotions we call evil when it is the acts that are evil not the emotions.

    For balance in the universe suffering needs to flow to its cause, not from. Let's throw the clear light of awareness into the darkness. Let's love the ancient aspects of humanity we so rudely call demons. 

    Let it all awaken and let us dance together.

    Is not Samael himself called but a Servant of the Lord and when the Angel of Death passed over the Hebrews but slew the firstborn of the Egyptians was it not at the Lord's command.

    Things of the mind can be real, like friendship or depression.
    Things of the mind can be shared like an emotion or an experience.
    Things of the mind can be older than any individual and grow and evolve like an idea or culture.

    They are spirit as we are spirit. They are made of psyche as we are made of psyche. Shared emotions.

    We are made of them as they are made of us.

    The message of the Christ everywhere he spoke was:

    The kingdom of heaven is now and it is found in shared lives.

    And for that they killed him. Or so the story goes.

    Heaven is here and now. If you want it to be. All around you. Amongst you. In your midst. Within you.

    Have you ever been somewhere where everyone is loved, everyone is accepted and made welcome. Where everyone is included. Doesn't it feel a bit like heaven?

    Radical Inclusion is the right culture. The kingdom of heaven, the place where love rules. Where love is the law.

    Fear has but one trick up its sleeve. To make you afraid. If you are no longer afraid of fear, if you face your fears and stand up to fear, then fear has nothing left and must depart. All you will you see as she flees is her heel.

    Cultivate the habit of facing your fears. Cultivate the habit of doing things now.

    From the original Greek, the recorded words of the Christ, "the kingdom of heaven is within you" and "the kingdom of heaven is amongst you" are both valid translations. For they are the same thing.

    As above, so below. As within, so without.

    The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a person found it, they hid it again, and then in their joy went and sold all they had and bought that field.

    “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When she found one of great value, she went away and sold everything she had and bought it.

    If you don't practise changing you won't be able to when you need to.

    Integrity, the basis of moral character, requires that you change your mind when you realise you have been mistaken. To do otherwise would be voluntary stupidity, to cling to that which you know to be wrong.

    "First define your terms" that beguiling product of Western analytical philosophy, that would dissect the frog in search of its life. 

    Language is a game. Meaning is occult, hidden. Language hides meaning and reveals meaning, but as you systematically unpeel the layers the meaning dances and taunts- snubbing her nose at you in the sheer delight of the game you don't want to play but cannot escape. 

    Instead woo her, sidle up to her and catch a glimpse of her soulful eyes.  Probably she'll laugh at you and flit away, or maybe she'll tarry just a while, just long enough. 

    Meaning won't be pinned down, its as messy as your dreams and as fleeting as the moment. But it's real, like a rock, as fierce as the electron dance of the sun that would flay you alive if you got close enough. Join the dance, snub your nose at her, and if she likes the way you play maybe she will play too. 

    Meaning is abstract, words are defined by usage. A network of associations and correspondences, relationships and contrasts. Meaning skips and dances along the words, neither contained nor constrained by them.

    Communication is the substance of spirit.

    The pseudo-intellectual wants to demonstrate how clever they are by making sure you don't understand what they say. "Go and read" they'll smirk, by way of proving their inability to communicate and lack of genuine understanding.

    It's smarter to be understood. Demonstrate understanding. It's not even that hard, but cowards fear exposing their ideas to the light of reason unless they can dress them up in protective armour of incomprehensibility. And they remain irrelevant, changing nothing, doing nothing. Whilst smiling to themselves over how clever they are.

    Beautiful is better than ugly.
    Explicit is better than implicit.
    Simple is better than complex.

    -- The Zen of Python

    Anger is an energy. Intelligent hate applied with the force of anger may do a great work. The anger of a righteous person availeth much.

    Hate and love are not opposites, they're flipsides. Fear is the opposite of love, but when you choose what you love you choose what you hate. If I love the poor and LGBT folk then I will hate discrimination and bigotry and injustice and those who oppress others. Love the higher love.

    Love with all your heart and hate with all your heart, experience the full range of human emotions and be a whole person. Don't live in fear of yourself, master yourself.

    What you will not give conscious expression will have unconscious expression. The trouble is that people are scared of strong emotions so they don't practice expressing them, so when they do come out they're out of control.

    Spiritual mastery is control of the mind.

    The master thinks what she wants to think and does not think what she does not want to think.

    I learned to let out anger in a controlled way from Krav Maga. I learned to be angry, to let it out, and then no longer be angry. And to be under control. To master my anger rather than to be mastered by it.

    And then from Tai Chi, which is the moving meditation and silent worship and also the best self defence system there is, I learned violence without aggression. To effect necessary change.

    We're all capable of being much bigger people, so much more than we are. Just functioning at all in modern society means navigating vast amounts of knowledge and understanding our ancestors never even dreamed of. Our brains are incredible, vast biological neural nets much of which is devoted to emotions and feelings. Even the simplest amongst us has great power of mind and understanding and we live in such a tiny fraction of our potential. We live in such a tiny portion of life, the visible spectrum. Most of life is occult, hidden, and we need to learn to traverse the things unseen.

    The human heart and mind can experience great passion and great sorrow, can see deeply and love deeply. The human heart and mind can exercise great strength of will. To be different than we are, to fulfil who we could really be, we need to change. There needs to be a change.

    How do we change and experience more of ourselves and what life has to offer without falling prey to delusion and illusion, especially when the tendency to deceive ourselves and to be happy with a delusion is so strong? How do we become grounded and rooted in reality yet still aspire to the heavens?

    This is why we are ruthlessly committed to truth, why we eschew illusion and delusion even comforting ones. To willingly believe falsehood is voluntary stupidity, a failing of character and integrity. Facing the truth is the basis of intellectual integrity and is required for moral integrity. Stand on the firm ground of seeking the truth and only the truth and discarding what is false. If your habit is to seek truth then you can grow. Science is the systematic search for truth, and see how much humanity has grown because of it! A systematic facing of truth, and a willingness to do what it takes to be more, that's how we change. A determination to face the truth and courage.

    By cultivating the right habits we may systematically change ourselves to become free. If you're willing to break the social conditioning that holds is all bound and blind.

    Most people are limited in life by their own mental prison. They can't escape the labyrinth of the mind because they will not do what it takes. They will not face the pain, nor will they allow others to feel the pain, of what is necessary for change. What it is necessary to leave behind. The cowards. 

    The predators will not let you change. They will be hurt and offended if you speak the truth. You  can only be free if you are willing to hurt and offend, or you will forever be trapped by other peoples' opinions.

    “People normally cut reality into compartments, and so are unable to see the interdependence of all phenomena. To see one in all and all in one is to break through the great barrier which narrows one’s perception of reality..” ~Thich Nhat Hanh  
    Compartmentalization makes your brain not work good. One life, one love, one spirit. Simplify your thinking. One simple organising principle around which your mind and life may revolve. Single pointedness, which the Hindus call union with the creator.

    The synergy of mystery and understanding.

    "Buddha Theory" drawing by Christopher Chase

    This one collects ceramic frogs,
    Whilst she supports Arsenal,
    That's their thing,
    How you know who they are,
    And can tell them apart,
    They all have their thing.

    How zany and quirky,
    Normal people are.
    This one even wears shorts to his zoom meetings.

    But they won't stand for anything,
    Better to be nice,
    Don't cause any arguments,
    Don't be a difficult person.

    The predators don't like that,
    (Don't look around he means us),
    And it's best not to provoke them.
    No-one really wants things to change,
    But we know who to look down on.

    We're the breeders, 
    And we're better than them,
    Better than you in all sorts of ways.
    We're family people,
    Good people (not like the others),
    So we live for ourselves and people like us.

    And nothing ever changes.
    No point in trying. 
    We're waiting to die.

    Maybe the kids will sort everything out.

    "The New World Order. The shadow theocracy consisting of a network of Satanic Luciferian cults, the research cults, aided by Discordian sleeper agents in all walks of life."

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