Rational Theistic Luciferianism: The Light Bringers

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    Right now a smaller proportion of the world's population is at war and in poverty than any point in history I believe. That seems like something worth celebrating.

    Just being against capitalism isn't the same as doing something with your life. Being against things isn't the same as achieving something with your time on earth and making a real difference.

    Talk is cheap 😘

    Meta-point: being against evil doesn't make you good. It makes you nothing by itself. To be good you have to do something good. Good and evil, like all human ideas, reflect aspects of reality in the world we find around us. How we use those terms is up to us. I'm happy to own a concern about good and evil.

    You know the old saying: punks are good people pretending to be bad. Hippies are bad people pretending to be good 🤣

    Capitalism is part of human progress. Democratic Socialism is built on top of capitalism. 

    Those who claim to seek the destruction of capitalism are often economically illiterate. Many of them stuffed full of self righteous ideology, bad people pretending to be good. That's my observation from life. Many self-professed Marxists are elitists in their personal philosophy, their Marxism an affectation and mental masturbation.

    The revolution starts with the revolution of the mind. You have to be something different. Your life is your message. You have to be the change and be the hope.

    There's plenty wrong with the world, and seeing it is step 1. But only step 1. Complaining is not the most effective step 2.

    No-one is in control, the ship steers itself whilst the crew run around doing whatever their emotions tell them and believing that they're the ones in charge.

    I see a difference between those who want to blame other people for the situation, and demand they change things (which doesn't work) or turn to politics (which doesn't work) - and those who acknowledge this is just the situation we ended up in. No-one planned it or designed it, no-one except the very few at the top want this but no-one knows how to change it. So we have to work out some way for all of us to change. Or we can just shout louder about who to blame. That works well.

    People are stuck, they can't change and they don't know how to change, and they don't know what to think or who to believe or what to do. And they see the sides of us and you that we don't. They see the naivety in the eco movement, the stupid ideology in the socialist movement, the self seeking and shallow spirituality of the hippy movement, and the self-righteousness in all these things, and none of them are able to change things. Yet. Slowly. It will happen. But we need to understand people and offer them solutions for where they're actually at. 

    Just telling everyone to go vegan (for example) is an abdication, a do nothing (*) retreat from the problem. A cult. Yes it's good, but utterly beyond reach of most people (as is the meditation I preach alas).

    (*) Not nothing. But not very much!

    How do we make a difference, how do we help people to change. How do we bring people hope, so they think it's worth trying. How do we show a way forward. Questions worth spending a life on.

    Funnily enough I believe in us. I think we can do it. I think we will do it. But I think the price we'll pay will be very steep. There's a storm coming and we're sailing right into it.

    Change is possible. That's what I try to model and preach with my life and words. There is more to be found from life, and it's found in passion, in caring in really living and doing things and standing for something and being someone and anyone can do it. And then we can change and there's hope and a way forward. By finding the best that we can be as an individual, by caring about and taking responsibility for ourself and letting the joy that we find in life - the rainbow traced through the rain - letting that be a wellspring that overflows until life abounds. And life will find a way. But it only works if you do it. If you change and keep on changing and don't look back.

    The light bringers. 🍄

    Marx had some interesting and useful ideas and a powerful view of history, but his ideas aren't absolute truth. How we get from here to there is more interesting to me than deciding what there ought to look like. Agile development teaches us that only small incremental changes, evolution, works - and you need a constant "refactoring" process to reorganise structure based on continual change. So you need a structure that is able to change. We don't have that yet.

    Competition does work really well for a lot of things. It is a strong drive in humans. Harnessing that is the key, not suppressing it. For example, if the cost of pollution was added as an externality (via tax) to the cost of things the market would work really hard to find less polluting solutions. Because the incentives would be right. The problem with our system is regulatory capture and incentives right down to the social level that favour psychopaths.

    If we valued in humans genuineness rather than social compliance (try voicing a dissenting opinion to see what I mean - we don't value genuineness we value social conformity and almost every alternative and sub-culture just has a different flavour of conformity) then we would be able to spot psychopaths because they can't do genuineness.

    There's some of this happening already - bullying in life and in the workplace is less tolerated. There is a sea change happening. But the claws of the wealthy are deeply embedded in minds and our pockets.

    And a lot of the structural inequalities are really hard to address. Especially the damage we've done to other countries. There will be a reckoning for everything, there always is. The war we export comes back to us in the form of soldiers with  PTSD, the war burned into their brains through trauma and reflected back out in every action, and through terrorism.

    It's a big mess. But everything is accelerating - including technology. AI, self driving cars, electric cars, fusion, renewable power. All of these technologies are going to change everything, especially AI.

    Then there's the looming climate catastrophe.

    The final season of humanity is working towards an *epic* climax.

    MDMA, pscyhedelics and ketamine are showing in every trial that they  *can* treat trauma and depression. We need the urban shamen and we need a movement of healing through passion, through finding a reason to live. There's a new revolution around, not just of sexuality like the sixties (which mostly happened in the seventies) which was important but faded so fast to the eighties. This one is about identity - gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodivergence, disability all the different dimensions of identity - the axes of privilege and oppression. This revolution is intersectional.

    So there's much in modern culture and thinking to celebrate too.

    I think there's a lot Marx describes well. I don't think he gets the end game right. For example, Democratic Socialism on top of free market economics is the end goal and not an intermediate state. No one has modelled or proposed a version of communism that doesn't lapse into evil dictatorship. 

    Communism produces evil is the lesson of history. Not acknowledging that is part of what I mean by "stupid ideology" of the socialist movement.

    Marx is wrong because it's a solely economic lense (in the end) and that's not the sum of people. The economic lense is definitely part of the story. It's thinking it's the whole story that is the mistake.

    I think he's right that the system only changes through violence - but the right application of that is spiritually. We overturn the evil systems within ourselves and others through psychological violence. They were inculcated with violence and that's how they come out.

    We effect change externally through the use of psychological violence. Intelligent hate applied with the force of anger. Intelligently.

    An excess of Marxism also persuades people that the problem is outside themselves. And it's really not. Your first task is to be free. Because what traps us deludes us - and we *cannot* see clearly until we find personal freedom.

    We don't understand how we're all connected. How we all share the same life and consciousness. The reality of that is how we're able to effect change in the outer world through inner transformation. (An inner transformation reflected back into life through *action*.)

    This is what I explore with my ceremonial magick.

    Addressing the spiritual means addressing the whole person, and that's the only way people change. Therefore any renewal which isn't at heart a spiritual renewal will fail because the problem is not so much that people don't want to change but that they can't change. Changing their minds isn't enough.

    And it has to have hope at the heart of it. so "you're bad and we're all going to die" might be the truth, but it doesn't achieve a damn thing. Find better truths, truth with hope in it. The way to start a fire is by being on fire. 🔥

    There are other lenses too. Information theory. Modelling fundamental reality as the flow and transformation of information! And the marketplace of ideas. Dawkins memetic theory - that humans are just vehicle for competing ideas. Memes.

    Which brings us to language, which in turn requires us to resort to philosophy in order to understand "meaning" and "truth" and the nature of knowledge and the nature of mind. You have to do the whole thing in order to know you stand on solid ground. But you have a lifetime to do it in.

    From memetic theory we may deduce a novel conclusion. That perfect love must win. Merely because out of all of the infinite possible ideas it is better in every possible way.

    Only love is perfect, and without blemish.

    The human mind, every mind, is an abstraction. And we have evolved reflexive self awareness - we can see the contents of our mind. And we can abstract, and from love we may abstract perfect love. Divine love. The driving and unifying and organising and energising principle around which your mind and life may revolve. Single pointedness, which the Hindus call unification with the creator.

    Lucifer the light bringer and bright morning star. Son of the morning and daughter of the evening.

    Helel, the shining one, to the Hebrews and Eosphorus to the Greeks. Worshipped in her evening aspect as Inanna and Astarte and Ishtar and Ashtoreth and known to us in the west, but first to the Romans, as both Venus and Lucifer. Venus is even revered amongst the Hindus as Shukra who led a rebellion against God (Vishnu).

    Inanna, who was worshipped as the evening star, absorbed a male war god to become the morning star too whilst retaining her female name and identity. Ashtoreth was, a millennia or so later, masculinised as Astaroth by the Occultists to become a Duke of hell.

    Lucifer is the rebel against the established order, the individual and the individuated one. The sacred self and the self archetype of Jungian psychology. The last archetype. Personal self to universal self, Attman to Brahman.

    As above so below.

    The heavens reflect the earth as the earth reflects the heavens as you create your outer world from your inner world (*) as you are shaped and moulded by the world influencing and changing you.

    And there is war in the heavens.

    The gods are made of us as we are made of them.

    (*) In collaboration and conflict with everyone else doing the same. The dance we didn't ask to join but cannot leave.

    Whether it's COVID or Ukraine or religion.

    Once again for those in the back, the rules of evidence are that the person making the claim must provide the evidence. Because it's massively easier to make crap up than it is to debunk it.

    Facebook is filled with nonsense claims and lies.

    What is presented without evidence may be dismissed without consideration.

    Not only this, but you *must* ignore claims without evidence in order to have intellectual integrity. If that's a concern for you, but note that without intellectual integrity you can't have moral integrity.

    We know our knowledge is partial and our minds are fallible. We understand the human tendency to seek out things that confirm our beliefs and reject things that challenge our beliefs. Confirmation bias and motivated reasoning. We're primarily emotional and rationalising, rather than rational creatures. We see how huge groups can be massively wrong, so we know that strength of feeling or popularity are no indicator of truth and usually the reverse.

    So if you want to be able to trust your sense of reality you need to not only know what you think, but why you think it. So that when new evidence comes in you can evaluate it against the evidence you already know. You can go back and check your beliefs because you know why you believe them. You evaluate the quality of the evidence so you know the strength of your convictions. 

    You're able to change your mind, to bend with the wind, because your habit is to order your worldview around the evidence and you're continually absorbing new evidence. 

    Conversely you're not blown around by any wind of fashion or current panic, because you know the ground you stand on. You test out your worldview, check it, in order to be able to rely on it. Adjusting as you go. If you're able to constantly correct yourself, systematically become less wrong which is the approach of science, it's astonishing how fast you can grow. It's why humility is the more powerful mindset for it does not invest its identity in being right.

    Intellectual integrity means standing your ground even if everyone around you tells you you're wrong. Intellectual integrity means changing your mind when you see new evidence. Intellectual integrity means being true to yourself.

    Claims without evidence are pernicious and must be challenged. They're weak thinking for the weak minded.

    Ego is your conception of self and the world, super-ego is your idealised conception of self and id is your primal urge and drive. Concepts created by Freud for the understanding of self. Mythological correspondences are Behemoth, the Demiurge and Leviathan.

    Enheduanna, Priestess of Nanna and the earliest known author of prayers, who wrote incredible hymns to Inanna around 2250 BCE in the Sumerian city of Ur, is also one of the first women we know by name. 

    In Sumerian tradition Nanna is mother to Inanna who is Venus, the evening star.

    Enheduanna's is an incredible story, a very powerful woman. High Priestess of the Goddess.

    Lament to the Spirit of War
    by Enheduanna
    (Loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch)

    You hack down everything you see, War God!

    Rising on fearsome wings
    you rush to destroy our land:
    raging like thunderstorms,
    howling like hurricanes,
    screaming like tempests,
    thundering, raging, ranting, drumming,
    whiplashing whirlwinds!

    Men falter at your approaching footsteps.

    Tortured dirges scream on your lyre of despair.

    Like a fiery Salamander you poison the land:
    growling over the earth like thunder,
    vegetation collapsing before you,
    blood gushing down mountainsides.

    Spirit of hatred, greed and vengeance!

    Dominatrix of heaven and earth!

    Your ferocious fire consumes our land.

    Whipping your stallion
    with furious commands,
    you impose our fates.

    You triumph over all human rites and prayers.

    Who can explain your tirade,
    why you carry on so?

    Lying to yourself is voluntary stupidity, choosing to believe things you know to be wrong. How can you trust your sense of reality, your understanding of the world, if you fill it with falsehood. Not changing your mind when you see that you are wrong, not taking a better path when it is available, is stupid. 

    Not accepting the new because changing your mind would cost you something, loss of face perhaps, is cowardice. Moral integrity requires intellectual integrity which requires you to admit to yourself when you are wrong.

    Without moral and intellectual integrity you cannot grow. You will fossilise, ossify, and before you die you will know it.

    If you scrupulously face the truth you can grow systematically, systematically becoming less wrong, this is the approach of science. If you scrupulously face the truth you can respect yourself. Respecting yourself leads to liking yourself, being proud of you, and from this root happiness may blossom.

    This is why we require evidence before we believe things, and why we remember why we believe things; in order to trust our sense of reality. As much as possible to live in the real world and to live in as much of it as we may perceive. Life unfiltered. We are ready to revisit our assumptions because our understanding changes. 

    If we care about truth we discard falsehood. Grounded and rooted, standing on the firm ground of sacred truth. Sacred and holy reality, in all her mess. Reality as she is, not as we would wish her to be. The truth you can cling to in the storm. In truth we may meet eye to eye and see the real person.

    If you care about the truth it changes how you think and how you express yourself. You learn to recognise this in others and you know who you can trust, because you know who cares about truth. They're not nice people, nice people avoid the truth because the truth is rarely nice. Nice people will stab you in the back and cannot be trusted. Trust the people who tell you the truth even when you don't want to hear it.

    Everything changes, even the past. If you don't bend with the wind, if you can't change, you will surely break.

    "But the greatest people," says King Lamus, "are those that refuse to be treated like squalling children, who insist on facing reality in every form, and tear off ruthlessly the bandages from their own wounds.” 
    -- Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend

    Society is a prison where we internalise the walls. Trapped in the labyrinth of the mind, only able to be what is acceptable to others. The invisible gods we bow down to.

    And people have such small and mean gods, which is why there are so many small and mean people. Their gods look like countries and celebrities and politicians and bombs. Fake and useless and harmful.

    Choose bigger gods to be a bigger person. Your psychological God is your conception of everything. Within yourself is your conception of everything dead or alive? Is your conception of everything coherent and powerful, or is your psychological God mean and nasty and small and dead. Made of concrete and plastic and weariness. Fragmented and confused. Is it limited or infinite, are you limited or infinite?

    Take off the shackles from your mind. Reject and destroy the internalised police state, eagerly enforced by the self appointed social policemen who will not rest until you are as unhappy as they. Break your social conditioning by breaking the rules. Be alive and free and dance with the fire that ignites the universe.

    "Even if I wasn't I can do it now. Walk blameless.

    Not knowing things isn't a fault. Trying things to see if you can make them work isn't a fault. Other people's feelings aren't your fault, though you may care about them."

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