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Rational Theistic Luciferianism: Philosophical Foundations

Rational Theistic Luciferianism is a spiritual practise and an occult path of self knowledge and self actualisation. Rational Theistic Luciferianism finds value and power in the human capacity to experience the divine and provides a rational approach to understanding the nature of that experience. We find value in the deities and put them to work within the mind as a living source of inspiration and psychological power, a connection to the vitality of life all around us. 
Backing this is a rational approach to understanding their role in human consciousness and life. This approach is compatible with an atheist philosophical approach to life, such as found in much of modern Satanism, because it recognises that our whole experience of life happens within the mind. 
The essence of the rational approach to theism is that we are rational creatures and we recognise that theism applied in certain ways is a more powerful psychological approach to life.
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A Practise and the Cults, Black Magick, Lucifer and Moloch

A look at some aspects of a magickal path, including personal and cult deities and some thinking about the rise and the role of the cult in various expressions in the magickal path.Rational Theistic Luciferianism: Philosophical FoundationsLuciferianism, Demonolatory and the Black Flame
My Personal Satanism and LuciferThe way to achieve magickal significance, within whatever spheres you operate or wish to operate, is to build up magickal pressure in your life. Stepping up the waves of synchronicity, allowing the best to arise from chaos and uncertainty. Creating and collapsing and navigating probability waves from all possible futures and all possible worlds. Our life is to become a magickal practise, a seeking and a study, a doing and a being, a passion and a living flame, a longing for more.There's only so much that study and meditation and ritual can really teach you, if it isn't at work in your life and personality then it isn't real. If you want to understand deep thing…

Short Meditations: The Penalty for Rape, Morality, Interesting Times and Orientation

The Penalty for RapeA fair amount of stuff on my timeline recently about killing paedophiles. I'm not particularly squeamish and I think that the world would be a much better place with fewer living paedophiles, although it is the act that is the abomination not the thought. I also can't help but think that if rapists tended to die then there'd be a lot fewer rapes after a while. That would make it easier for women to trust men, including to believe that we're actually on their side I guess and that would make the world a much nicer place to live in for men as well as for women. As a downside it would be a more violent world, quite a lot of murder to start with. Although, that's only violence that is already happening just not being experienced (much) by men. I don't think that many would have to die before it made a difference. I'm down with it being socially understood that rape is a death sentence. The police aren't doing it. I'm not really down …

Luciferianism, Demonolatory and the Black Flame

I'm a Satanist, and specifically I'm a Rational Theistic Luciferian. I think a theistic approach to the individualistic philosophy and belief frameworks of Satanism is a rational choice because it is more powerful psychologically. For an introduction to my Satanism, the philosophical and mythological underpinning of my Luciferian practise, you can read: Rational Theistic Luciferianism: Philosophical FoundationsA Practise and the Cults, Black Magick, Lucifer and MolochMy Personal Satanism and Lucifer This page is a collection of essays on the practise and philosophy of Luciferianism as a spiritual path and world view. Topics covered include the philosophy of The Black Flame, worship, mysticism, angels and demons, altars, ritual and invocations. Several of the pieces cover the role and the nature of the demonic deities in Rational Theistic Luciferianism and Demonolatory. Demonolatory is the use of worship in ritual as a magickal practise for innner transmutation.

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