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Bite sized concepts: exploration of the heart

It's been a long time since I've posted. Inspiration comes and goes in waves, and mostly I feel like I've written a fair amount in the last year and it's time to prove it rather than speaking more. In the meantime I occasionally post spiritual ruminations to twitter as @mfoord . The 140 character constraint in posting forces very bite-sized musings, which can be a useful way of clarifying (or obscuring) thinking. Here's a recent series on spirituality: Our faith is an exploration of the heart, not the head. God is love, how could it be anything else? In spiritual terms "heart" and "spirit" are synonymous. "mind" is the region of the heart accessible to conscious awareness. The modern concept of psyche is the combination of spirit and soul (using Watchman Nee's potent tripartite man concept: spirit, soul & body). So in the sense that psychology is the study of psyche, spiritual power is psychological power. At th