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Mindfulness of Breathing:A Meditation on the Breath

Mindfulness of Breathing:A Meditation on The Breath We all like the illusion that we're in control of our own minds. To have to admit otherwise would seem a great failure. The truth however is quite different from what we might tell ourselves. Pause for a moment and observe your mind. How long is it before the internal dialogue starts up, and your mind starts chattering ? It's easy to not realise that this is the way we spend most of our time. This mental chatter is a state of distractedness. The mind drifts along on the winds of it's whims. It makes it hard to concentrate on one thing for any length of time. It also masks what really goes on in the depths of our mind and soul. Meditation is a practice that can reveal the extent of the problem, and offers a solution. Mind Your Mind Do you recognize the feeling of being totally absorbed in something ? You're so wrapped up in it that you are barely aware of your surroundings, and time seems to stand still. You can look up