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Rational Theistic Luciferianism: Emotional Intelligence

This is the twelfth article in a series on Rational Theistic Luciferianism, for the other articles on Satanism see (more recent first): The Light Bringers Spirituality & Mysticism I Call on the Ancient Gods Rational Theism Leviathan and Behemoth Short Meditations on Life Chaos Magick & Tradition An Invocation of Lucifer & Truth and Lies Magick, Morality and Addressing the Spiritual The Occult Mind, Neural Nets and the Call of the Gods Practical Thelema Philosophical Foundations A Practise and the Cults, Black Magick, Lucifer and Moloch Luciferianism, Demonolatory and the Black Flame A Satanic Manifesto: My Personal Satanism  Emotional intelligence. Emotions can be rational and you can think with them. It takes practice to think when angry, and if you repress your anger (hide it away) it's still there you just blind yourself to it. What you won't give conscious expression will have unconscious expression. Krav Maga taught me to be angry, to let the anger out, and the

The Old Testament

Gehenna, Jerusalem A dear friend of mine from the cult asked a question (paraphrasing) " what's the point of the old testament given that so much of it is made up? "  See also The Bible: The Bad Parts Christian Guilt and a Christian Perspective on Abortion The Bible: The Good Parts Here's something of my reply, in several parts. I think anyone who goes to the Bible looking for literal truth, or laughs at the Bible because literal truth is not found in it, is a fool. The Bible is a collection of sacred texts and they must be read as sacred texts. For the spiritual message. That the stories of King David are not true (David was likely real but he probably came to the throne by fraticide and was never a shepherd) was a bit of a blow to "of the line of David" claims for the Christ in my mind, but doesn't alter the spiritual message one jot. Understanding the spiritual message, the gospel of true freedom; well that's another story.

Doing A-Levels

You can read more of my story in: My Autohagiography: Fragments of a Once Broken Mind St. George's School Harpenden Doing a-levels I enjoyed maths and couldn't stand English lessons so I started doing further maths as well which clashed with English. I did half further maths and half English, but I'd missed eigen vectors at the start of the course. It turns out that without eigen vectors you can't really understand any of further maths. I enjoyed sitting in the lessons, and was happy to miss English, but I got an E in further maths. The teacher was called Mr Foley and I suspect he was an alcoholic. We were a smart bunch doing further maths, but I remember lesson after lesson he would teach us something which would seem to make sense and then ask us to solve a problem based on what he'd just taught us. We'd all sit there blank faced, absent a clue. He completely failed to teach us. And then he'd go to the pub. However, last year I had a job working for a dodg