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The Evil Priestess and the Temple to Isis in Battersea

To some the name Isis is a terror. To me she is divine beauty wrapped in an Egyptian robe This is the true story of the time I rescued the slave husband of a celebrity high priestess of a temple to the Goddess Isis in Battersea. After the first Ayahuasca retreat I joined the secret Facebook group for "the tribe". Making occasional posts was a third rate ex-celebrity. One of the names she went by was Mary. She also calls herself Mother Gaia, which I consider a blasphemy, and she doesn't believe in global warming. She would regularly post in the group and I would mock and berate her. I warned people she was as spiritual as a twig, that she was deceived and would deceive people for personal gain and so on. Before the second retreat I let the tribe know that I was coming. On the retreat was a slender Romanian gentleman, his first time at the retreat but not his first psychedelic adventure. Far from it as it would turn out. His tolerance was so high he took twice the dose