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The Evil Priestess and the Temple to Isis in Battersea

You can read more of my story in: My Autohagiography: Fragments of a Once Broken Mind To some the name Isis is a terror. To me she is divine beauty wrapped in an Egyptian robe This is the true story of the time I rescued the slave husband of a celebrity high priestess of a temple to the Goddess Isis in Battersea. After the first Ayahuasca retreat I joined the secret Facebook group for "the tribe". Making occasional posts was a third rate ex-celebrity. One of the names she went by was Mary. She also calls herself Mother Gaia, which I consider a blasphemy, and she doesn't believe in global warming. She would regularly post in the group and I would mock and berate her. I warned people she was as spiritual as a twig, that she was deceived and would deceive people for personal gain and so on. Before the second retreat I let the tribe know that I was coming. On the retreat was a slender Romanian gentleman, his first time at the retreat but not his first psychedelic adventur