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The Love of a Good Woman

Years ago, when I was small and not nearly so foolish as I am now, I was loved by a very beautiful woman. In fact I was loved by many beautiful women, my mother being one of course, but this isn't who I'm thinking of now. This lady, Gwen Bradbrook, is the mother of ten children and was a second mother to me. Thinking back across the years I remember her love, so real and such a forming influence on my life. When our families were together it was like we were one family, and her love is a big part of why I associate church as a place for family and a place of love. I'm afraid to say that remembering all that, and wondering that this love was still so real a part of me, almost made me cry. And then it made me laugh, because she was (and still is I assume) a very mischievous woman. So thank you Gwen, for all you were to me and to others. And thanks to all women who love. Your love builds something so real and precious. Thank you.

The Bible: The Good Parts

I'll start by saying what most "bible believing" Christians dare not say: the bible is a highly problematic book. As a historical record of the (gradual) revelation of the nature of God to humanity it paints a pretty unflattering view of God at times - seen through the eyes of a fallen humanity.  For a look at some of the parts of the Bible that have been used to cause harm see: The Bible: The Bad Parts The bible was greatly redeemed in my eyes by reading " A Matter of Integrity "  by Steve Chalke. I recommend it to everyone. Seen as the ongoing revelation of God to humanity, a revealing that didn't just stop 2000 years ago by the way, the bible again became something sacred and beautiful to me. Despite being a "difficult" book, the nature of God and the way to the kingdom are hidden (or revealed - as you please) within the bible. Below are some of my favourite passages (there are many more that I could have picked) that reveal God and