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The Turkish Slap

  This photo is from 2017. I've just given that jacket away and I was a bit thinner then. I was just on my way out to a Krav Maga conflict management and justification seminar. "Fight school" as Irina called it. In the UK you're allowed to punch first in self defence. One punch can kill you, so you don't have to wait for an aggressor to actually attack before defending yourself if you're certain they will attack and  you can justify your self defence to a policeman or magistrate. So the same signs you use to tell that violence is imminent are the same things that are your justification for self defence. You have to be able to explain how you knew you were about to be attacked.  So it was theory and practise. We learned the turkish slap amongst other things. With the turkish slap you can break someone's jaw (the slap is with the heel of the palm and your arm is relaxed and you use it as a whip with all the force in the hand) - but you get to tell the police