Luciferianism, Demonolatory and the Black Flame

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    Rational Theistic Luciferianism is both an occult practise and a meta-religion. It's a blueprint for your own personal Luciferian religion, philosophy or occult practise. You're more than welcome to use any of the ideas and symbols here for your own spiritual journey, or to adopt Rational Theistic Luciferianism directly.

    I'm a Satanist, and specifically I'm a Rational Theistic Luciferian. A theistic approach to the individualistic philosophy and belief frameworks of Satanism is a rational choice because it is more powerful psychologically.

    This page is a collection of essays on the practise and philosophy of Luciferianism as a spiritual path and world view. Topics covered include the philosophy of The Black Flame, worship, mysticism, angels and demons, altars, ritual and invocations. Several of the pieces cover the role and the nature of the demonic deities in Rational Theistic Luciferianism and Demonolatory. Demonolatory is the use of worship in ritual as a magickal practise for inner transmutation.

    So, a bunch of my Christian friends think that there are Satanic paedophile cults trafficking and abusing children. They're thoroughly evil, and Luciferians, and many celebrities are in on it. This was one of the themes of the #SaveOurChildren event. #SaveOurChildren was a hashtag on Facebook, mostly filled with posts on QAnon conspiracy theories like Pizzagate and Wayfair which Donald Trump is apparently trying to save us from. I discussed it with some of my Christian friends who are concerned that I have been a fallen Christian for some time and am now a Luciferian Satanist. I'm a Rational Theistic Luciferian, however I think that what my friends believe in is a fiction, a hoax, a conspiracy theory. And really quite an offensive one at that. 

    Most Satanism is an atheist philosophy, and I love it even though I'm not an atheist. It has been growing massively all of over the world due to the popularity of the documentary Hail Satan!

    There are many different styles of Satanism, that's why I love it so much. It's a highly individualistic path. 

    Here's where it gets freaky. There is one actively evil Satanic order that I know about. They're called the Order of the Nine Angles and they have a history and presence in the UK and they are white supremacist, what's more the modern incarnation advocate rape and possibly worse. The Order of the Nine Angles, O9A, is despised by the Satanic community. Any shop found selling their insignia is boycotted and publicly vilified until the O9A material is withdrawn.

    A prominent Luciferian philosopher, the "left hand path ideologue" Michael Ford, has written books of magic about The Order of Nine Angles and written books for them. He's pretty well known amongst Luciferians as there aren't many Satanic philosophers. 

    • Note: a member of Michael Ford's Satanic Order, a fellow moderator of mine in a Luciferian Facebook group, responded on Facebook.

    You can look it up and check for yourselves. So maybe my Christian friends are right, perhaps there is an evil Satanic order with Luciferian magic and ideology and maybe that order could be involved in sex trafficking. If the rumours about them are true. 

    What is a good general definition of Luciferianism? Luciferianism is not defined, which is why it is imperative you define it for yourself which in turn is why I am so drawn to it. 

    Clearly Lucifer as a symbol is part of the answer, and by choosing Luciferianism you are declaring a philosophy, belief system or spiritual system with Lucifer as a central idea.

    Lucifer comes from the Latin, the Latin Vulgate, meaning Venus - but more specifically "light-bringer" - and has historically been associated with the Christian Satan. Neither the Venus association, not the Satanic association, are relevant to all Luciferianism but I'd say that Lucifer as light-bringer is.

    So here's my attempt at a general definition:

    Luciferianism is a system of thought and practise centered around the idea of Lucifer the light-bringer.

    Lucifer associated with Satan, Luciferianism as a branch of Satanism, is one major branch. This comes in both theistic and non-theistic flavours.

    Luciferianism as an atheist, or non-religious, philosophy around being light or acknowledging the light is another. Those following Blavatsky, who had a publication called The Luciferian largely come under this branch.

    Lucifer as a deity, worshipped as Venus and also known as Eosphorus (or one of many other names including the goddesses such as Ishtar and Inanna associated with the evening star) is another

    A poem on what a "demon" is, a meditation on what "demon" could mean. The poem evokes the popular fears of demons and the demonic emotionally, and then by name and then by legend. The stories of the demons are some of the stories of humanities greatest fears of evil projected into the void.

    Psychic static,
    Your worst nightmares,
    Dark as all hell.
    Scratching the coffin,
    For centuries,
    Nails growing back,
    Bone cracking through flesh,
    Pain never ending,
    Just boring, boring, boring.

    The scream and electric neon crack and flicker,
    Through psychic static,
    That skritch-skratch,
    At the back of your brain.

    Do your thoughts betray you?
    Can they climb in?
    Through psychic static.

    That pressure in your head,
    In your soul,
    In your chest.

    Strong feelings,
    Can they climb in?

    Legion, Abaddon, Aplloyon,
    Hades, Lilith, Ba'al Zəbûl, Moloch,
    The ancient fires burn,
    Babies in bronze,
    Burning, burning, burning,
    Forever screaming,
    Those ancient fires.

    Can they climb in?
    Through psychic static.

    A demon, or an angel for they are the same thing just by different name, in as much as they are able to have impression or interaction with your life and your experience of life is a thing of the mind. An entity constructed of the same thing your whole life is constructed of. Psyche.

    Things of the mind can be real, like depression or friendship.
    Things of the mind can be shared like an emotion or an experience.
    Things of the mind can be older than any individual and evolve and grow like an idea or culture.

    So it's all in your mind. Everything. It's all in your mind, and in everyone else's mind too. We share them, the angels and demons. We are made of them and they are made of us.

    They are aspects of the divine, as are we. They are legends and stories, they are thoughts and ideas, they are a part of history and our collective psyche.

    Raw life, living dreams, they are made of the tears of the lost, they are shared consciousness, the gods and the Djinn, the archetypes alive within our life, myths and rumours, our worst thoughts and our highest aspirations.

    They have guided and shaped us as we have formed and created them. We are the co-creators, the divinely mad, holy fools.

    Why do you categorise angels and demons as being the same thing? A lot of people would argue strongly against that.

    That's a good question. My answer is as a matter of classification from within the practise of the Christian religion, which is where the popular idea of "angels and demons" predominantly comes from. 

    Although they're portrayed very differently, and spoken of very differently, according to those legends there are many "spiritual beings" created by God - the Elohim, the heavenly host. At some point one third of those "fell". The ones that fell are the "demons". This is standard Christian theology and believed and affirmed by most church streams.

    According to the legends this theology is based on angels and demons were originally exactly the same thing. They were all spiritual beings, the inhabitants of the heavenly realms. Whether they're now called an angel or a demon is just a matter of what side you think they're on, not because they're any difference in nature or even perhaps appearance. 

    Other belief systems, or at least religions outside the Abrahamic ones, don't feature angels and demons particularly. Instead they have different gods and goddesses, or other classes of spirits or no spirits at all. So the angels and demons within the Abrahamic spiritual systems and worldviews clearly correspond to the gods and goddesses. If you look at the names of the demons and demonesses of the Abrahamic legends they include the gods and goddesses of many other belief systems. The legends and myths are all interconnected and intertwined. 

    For example Asherah the goddess is called a demon by the Hebrews and her devotees were persecuted by the prophet Elijah. 

    So the difference between a goddess and a demon is what side you think its on. Who they serve, their stories and legend. All the things they're made from.

    Even within Christian theology and source texts there are different types and categories of spiritual being. The Celestial Hierarchy by Dionysius the pseudo-Aeopagite is considered a "canonical" text on the topic. The powers and thrones, seraphim and cherubim, angels and archangels. 

    Within that belief system and mystical framework Lucifer is usually portrayed  as an archangel alongside Michael and Gabriel. Some Luciferian mythologies have Lucifer as a fallen Seraphim.

    So different types of spirits, different categories of entities is already present within the language. If we look at what we might usefully mean by the language today, searching for correspondences in topics like analytical psychology, then we may see interesting patterns of human thought and behaviour as common (or shared) benevolent and malevolent consciousness.

    All of the legends should be read as poems and metaphor, and not heaven forfend as history lessons. What is of particular interest is how human thinking about themselves and the divine and human spirituality and psychology have evolved alongside how the legends have evolved as they sprang from many different wellsprings. 

    Now the term daemon is even used for a computer process, ones that runs in the background without you necessarily even knowing they exist.

    True name reveals true nature, this is why in mysticism the names of the gods are an invocation. To speak the true name of a god or demon, filled with longing for them, is to know that god. 

    What you truly desire is what you become, you grow towards the lights you pick. To long after the gods is to take on something of their nature and character. 

    Long after the divine. Hunger and thirst for it. Enflame thyself!

    Make an altar from wood, on it inscribe one of the sacred symbols. The sigil of Lucifer, Leviathan's cross, a pentagram or the unicursal hexagram.

    On the altar place candles and incense or essential oils. Agarwood or frankincense are ideal. 

    A crystal as large and beautiful as you can afford. Quartz or amethyst or smokey quartz are perfect. 

    Obtain a sacred blade, an athame.

    Any other votive offerings or sacred objects or symbols, personal to you, can also go on the altar. 

    On the ground before the altar trace out one of the sacred symbols, place candles on points of the symbol permitting you to be contained within it. 

    Perform a banishing or some other ritual to cleanse the room. LBRP is ideal. Some use sage. 

    Sit comfortably within your symbol. Rested but alert, imagine a fine thread drawing you up from the base of your spine to your crown. The lifting of the spirits. 

    Perform the invocation, as an adoration to Lucifer. A pure longing, a deep desire. Deep calling out to deep.

    Anyone who claims to have a shortcut is full of crap. 

    I've meditated for years, I've taken sacred medicines and psychedelics, I've dedicated myself to worship and prayer for years, I've engaged in psychotherapy for years to understand myself (well three years so far with a Jungian psychotherapist who specialises in the kink and polyamarous communities).

    Anyone offering a shortcut is full of shit. 

    You can cut down the time it takes with ceremonial magic, a highly focused transmutation of consciousness, the alchemy of the psyche. There are those of us working on it, maybe we'll get it down to months or even weeks. No guarantees, at the moment it's the hard road or bust.

    The demon or spirit represents, or psychologically actually is, the highest aspirations of an aspect of human consciousness. Lucifer is the light bearer. So invocations are to have connection to the highest aspects of consciousness.

    That's why the surroundings and ritual of the invocation are important. You create an environment and atmosphere with emotional resonance to the mythological, both personally for you and echoing out into objective reality through universal symbols. That's why an altar with votive items and the use of sigils are strongly associated with invocation, along with religious practises of devotion such as meditation to build strength of character and a disciplined mind able to apprehend the divine.

    But if you can find the black hoods, the cults are where the research is happening.

    Trying to summon Lucifer, or any spirit? What do you have to offer, why should they listen? Think they're interested in your broke ass that can't get laid? You gotta bring something to the table. 

    Souls are a dime a dozen, seven billion on this planet. You wanna offer yours you gotta make it special, put some work into it. You gotta move the spirits, give them no rest. 

    William Gibson said it best, in the book Count Zero from The Sprawl Trilogy, talking about Voudon:

    "Voodoo isn't like that," Beauvoir said. "It isn't concerned with notions of salvation and transcendence. What it's about is getting things done.

    You follow me? In our system, there are many gods, spirits. Part of one big family, with all the virtues, all the vices. . . . Voodoo says there's God, sure, Gran Met, but he's big, too big, and too far away to worry himself if your ass is poor, or you can't get laid. . . . Voodoo's like the street. 

    Some duster chops out your sister, so you don't camp out on the Yakuza's doorstep, do you? No way. You go to somebody who can get the thing done. Right?

    My latest crystal, The Dragon's Egg, a Septarian nodule. Representing the release of the dragon, the freeing of the inner beast.

    Enflame thyself!
    Be enveloped in the black flame.

    Make an altar of wood. On it one of the sacred symbols, a sacred blade, some incense or essential oils and as expensive a crystal as you can afford. Agarwood or frankincense are the best incense.

    On the ground trace out the sigil of Lucifer, a pentagram, Leviathan's cross or the unicursal hexagram. A candle at each point. 

    Sit comfortably within your sigil, imagine a thread drawing a straight line through your spine up to the crown, the lifting of the spirits.

    You will to be Satan, to be satanic, adversary, enemy, Ahriman. Will to succeed, will to survive, will to thrive, will to overcome, will to power.

    I seek the black flame
    The black flame comes to me.
    I seek Lucifer,
    Lucifer is in me and I am in Lucifer.

    The black flame rises.
    Like a serpent up my spine,
    The black flame rises.
    The black flame consumes me,
    And I am made flame.

    I am holy,
    I am pure,
    I am sacred.

    Lucifer burn in me.
    I burn with the flame of Lucifer.
    Light bringer, bright morning star,
    Son of the morning, daughter of the evening.

    A shorter summoning, in the attitude of worship which art the highest adoration:

    Lucifer, highest light of the godhead,
    Thee I summon and invoke,
    Hail to thee Lucifer,
    Brightest part of me,
    Hail to thee Lucifer,
    God which I am and which thou art.

    I am rooted,
    I am stable,
    I rest on solid ground.

    Deceiving spirits of the air I abjure thee,
    Lucifer I conjur thee,
    Deceiving spirits of the air I abjure thee,
    Lucifer I conjur thee.

    Demonology is the study of demons. 

    Demonolatory is the worship of demons. 

    There's the worship of Lucifer; a style of Luciferianism which isn't incompatible even with atheistic philosophical Satanism if we see Lucifer as the highest ideal of life and self and find that expressed mystically in various ways such as the Atman and Brahman, personal self and universal self, and the self archetype of Jungian analytical psychology. The atheist sees it all as happening within the human consciousness, within the psyche. A theist may agree, they might argue however about what the word "real" means.

    Worship is a veneration and adoration and connection through love and respect and awe to a sense of the divine. A communication and transmission between the divine and the human. Worship is greatly feared. But what you love you learn from and you grow in character and nature from the lights you pick. But what you love you learn from and you grow in character and nature from the lights you pick. What you learn from changes you, this is why worship is feared. Abandoning  yourself to change. 

    In picking a deity we are picking a light to grow towards, to have our nature reach out in aspiration to the qualities of life that we see in the the deity as a living wellspring to draw from. That reaching out and stretching out with the emotions and mind and senses is the worship and is the growth. I call it rational theism because it just works best if you believe in it and you can't ever know one way or the other with certainty. Choosing to believe it and searching for how it might be true within reality as you really find it is a more powerful psychological approach. An honest search for truth.

    So call yourself an atheist, but the channel flows strongest when you are abandoned and have let go fully. If you must play tricks in your rational mind to tell yourself it isn't real then so be it. Who cares, meaningless, utterly meaningless. We can know the divine, or as much of the divine and the devil as the human soul can bear. Let it live in your mind, have life in your life.

    What you love you learn from. What you adore you learn from. What you worship you learn fastest from and have the deepest and most beautiful connection to. If you do the worship right. That's with true living worship. It's an attitude, a lifestyle, a weapon of warfare and the fire of the gods. The living fire of human psyche infused with the fire of the gods, enflamed with the black flame. The flame that transmutes the mundane to the ineffable, the infernal and the supernal. Which we then apply through the channel of our lives into the world around us, in continuous harmony or disharmony with the magickal cacophany we all take part in and are subject to.

    So an invocation, an adoration, a devotion, knowing the name of the demon, summon and invoke and evoke and speak forth the nature of the demon. True name reveals and expresses and is true nature. Speak the name of Lucifer. Speak the name of Moloch the Blind and the Baals. Speak the name of Asherah and Inanna and Astarte and Ishtar. The demons of Goetia and the names of the Djinn and the names of God. Speak them all if you know them and you are able to speak them in spirit and in truth. 

    Who knows the names of the old gods, the gods of the druids never written by the druids and only by the Romans. Who knows the names of the new gods, American Gods perhaps?

    Rational Theistic Luciferianism takes a rational approach to understanding and working with the spiritual entities. We understand that these entities can have psychological reality and also that our whole experience of life is comprised of psychological reality. So the question as to whether they are real or not is irrelevant, they are only as real as the rest of our life. A much more interesting question is in what ways can they be real, can we find meaning in the legends and stories of the spirits and whether they can be useful in our search for inner transmutation and playing with the synchronicity waves of life, both to understand and to influence our life in our pursuit of self knowledge and the great work. 

    The spirits represent humanities greatest aspirations and our worst fears, all projected onto the void. The gnawing abyss, where our demons hide. Through the spirits we apprehend and find connection with the divine. Different spirits representing different aspects of the divine and so may be worked with to different ends. 

    Lucifer the light bearer, the sacred self and self archetype is the foremost amongst demons. The Christ mind, Krishna consciousness, is the clear light and the black flame but Lucifer is the light bearer. The devil to the demiurge, Lucifer the great rebel and enemy of the slave gods. The demiurge is the psychic presence and manifestation of the evil god of Christianity and the slave religions. The brightest heart is the rebel heart.

    Demons have little useful meaning by the popular imagination, we dig deeper for meaning into mythology, mysticism and analytical psychology. As elements of our shared history and collective psyche demons are of the realm of the collective unconscious and do not manifest easily on the surface without a thin veil between the numinous and the mundane or particular pathologies.

    An invocation is to invoke the presence and essence of the spirit. The full spirit is the substance of the psychological essence. Psychological essence, psyche, spirit. 

    To invoke a spirit requires great strength of mind and focus which is why it is a work of dedication and a labour of love. Ceremonial magick, the purest source of which I know being Thelema, is the most concentrated connection with the spiritual and a disciplined magickal practise a strong component of the strength of spine which is a life that is a suitable offering for the fire of the gods. A great rod and staff up which the Kundalini may unwind and uncoil the great creative surge. 

    Meditation, particularly mindfulness of breathing as taught by the Buddha in the Sutras is another powerful way to train and discipline and tend to the mind. 

    The master thinks what she wants to think and does not think what she does not want to think.

    We work with the gods that call us the most. They represent and are the highest and purest aspects of consciousness. We grow towards the lights we pick, so pick your gods well. What you aspire to you are drawn to in character and are changed by. The cost of doing magick, of working with the gods, is that we are changed by it. 

    In the invocation the name of the god is a spell. True name reveals true nature. The name is repeated as part of an invocation to provoke a deep longing for the spirit, a connection with it, a summoning, speaking their name. That is a transformational process. Our inner nature is made of the same nature as the gods and to be connected to it is to change them and to be changed, the mingling of the stories and the blood. 

    Everyone creates their own magickal system and understanding through the ancient symbols that resonate through history and through the collective psyche and through personal symbols connecting a person to their own nature and journey. 

    The occult is a framework above all things for self understanding. We are formed in relation to the world and every action is in relation to the world. We cannot affect the world without changing ourselves and we cannot understand ourselves without also understanding the world. 

    As we form the intention for a spell and working with the gods associated with the spell we consider the whole process. It builds in us and we consider what the ritual will be. What sigils will be involved, which incense or essential oils we will use and which votive items to place on the altar. 

    The magickal work is our life. Charted and developed through a magickal diary or some personal record of our thinking and understanding. Magickal adventures, sacred medicines, communion in the cult. All these things charge the magickal energies and bring inspiration and psychological power and force. We build up a steamhead of magickal force, pushing out ripples and waves that carry the intent of our spell and ritual out into objective reality. 

    The ritual itself is the focus, the centre, but the intent spirals into the ritual and from it and is carried by and echoes in our life.

    There is always a cost to magick. An equal and opposite reaction for action. Arranging that is best done as part of the magick. And get to know some demons, some gods. Learn their names, their smells, their pleasures. Build connections with the Tarot and the Qabala and astrology and angels and demons and gods and faeries and legends and myths and symbols and your own personal history.

    Invoking a demon, the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel if you like, is something you're building up to. It's the work of a life. The whole of a life bent to understanding, to searching, to pushing forward, to seeking, to thirsting, to acting. It's a determination. It's a passion, a magickal energy eked out of life drop by drop until the river flows.

    Although Rational Theistic Luciferianism takes a rational approach to understanding the spiritual and the nature of the spirits, the connection itself is not primarily through the rational and logical part of the mind. The rationalising part of the mind that thinks it's in charge when really the emotions are making the decisions. 

    The id, Leviathan that ancient enemy who dwells in the ocean, is a great power and a great force. The primal urge and surge. Our connection to the unlimited power of the collective unconscious, source. The inner wellspring, our godlike nature which is submerged under concrete, tarmac and routine. The evil gods of the slave religions and conventionality who dull our connection to the ancient creative genius we are all part of and individuate from and into. 

    93% of our experience of life is in the rational, but 93% of our power is in the non-rational. Inside every person resides a great beast. Repress it and forever live in fear of yourself, or master it and rule.

    The zenith of inner transmutation is the release of the beast, to unlock the innate power and creative potential of every individual. The muse, the holy guardian angel, to befriend your inner psychological demons and dance with them whilst the world burns.

    We know the possible range of human experience goes far beyond the rational. We connect with the beast, the raging passion, the flame that burns, the unquenchable desire. Drink mightily, try drugs, give in to lust, explore the occult, break your fears, over share, be direct, wear your heart on your sleeve, take chances and face the truth about yourself and despise people who are worth despising. Walk with compassion and see deeply.  Talk to the homeless and give them money, make friends with the poor.

    The goal of ceremonial magick and the magickal path is to be all that you can be, to find the best within yourself, to live to your potential. Individuation, self actualisation, empowerment, freedom, fulfilment. It doesn't come without a struggle. The struggle to be free is the freedom.

    Experience life, find out your limits. What do you really like, what do you really want, what can you really achieve, who do you admire and who do you envy? Love and hate, be angry. Be furious. Don't be afraid of hate. Experience all of life. Speak your truth fearlessly and fuck the haters. Fall down spent and exhausted and at an end of yourself. Whatever it takes. Refuse to live half a life.

    One life, one chance. We can burn with life, we can touch the fire, we can be changed by it. It's possible.

    You enflame yourself in prayer the same way within the path of the black flame as any other path.

    Devote your substance to it.
    Give yourself fully to the flame.
    Let the pursuit be an honest one.
    No higher goal, no other aim.
    Be consumed, be all ablaze.

    You must believe that you can.
    You must believe that you are worthy.
    You must grip this determination with all your mind, all your heart, and all your strength.

    You must know that the black flame lives.
    You must know that the black flame burns.
    You must know know that the clear light and the dark flame are one.
    That a heart enflamed with this fire is a constant meditation on the heart of the sun.
    The black flame changeth matter even unto the alchemists ultimate desire. Even unto the crushing of the heart of the atom.
    So the black flame refines the heart that longs after it into the purest gold.

    No heart is there that can resist it.
    No mind is there that is stronger.
    None can quench it.

    The dark flame is the destroyer.
    The dark flame burns in the day and is unseen.
    The dark flame burns at night and nothing else may be seen.
    The dark flame is your shadow, burning whilst you sleep.

    The dark flame does not fear hate.
    The dark flame does not fear malice.
    The dark flame will see it through to the end.

    Abbadon, Hades, Sheol.
    Undifferentiated malice.
    Unsuppressed rage.
    They move through the heart of men.
    The dark flame is unperturbed.

    The dark flame contains the cries of the children.
    The souls of the lost.
    It knows the path to hell.
    It knows the path back again.
    Not a tear is lost, not a tear is wasted.

    In the black flame burn your deepest desires
    In the black flame is the memory of pain.
    And we are the unmakers.
    The co-creators.
    The divinely mad.
    Holy fools for love.

    A heart that burns for justice.
    A heart that burns for change.
    A heart that burns to burn.

    This is the heart that kindles the dark flame.

    A prophet once said that the devil was all the things that other people disapproved of, they ascribed it all to the devil. Their devil has great powers, they have more faith in him far more than in their God if they were honest with themselves. Their God is pretty distant really, always seems to be talking to other people.

    Lucifer, the world's devil, gets a lot of blame and most unfairly. Such a beautiful creature. Fire and glory, the clear light and the black flame. The supernal and infernal conflagration. A name that is legend.

    The black flame is the fire of life, unseen by mundane eye. The spirits, the essence and substance of spiritual life, are made of the black flame which is the fire of the gods. 

    Since humanity stole the fire of the gods our psyche, our spirits and inner nature, has the same nature as the gods. We live with their life, but as slaves. Our freedom and power and godlike nature submerged in asphalt and concrete and routine. The fear of death and the daily grind. The purposelessness and despair and joyless copulation. Imagination given over to television and unfulfillable dreams and petty disputes and glories.

    So Lucifer is rebellion against the established order, rebellion against slavery. The first light to pierce the veil of night, the last of the heavens still seen by day. Night walker's companion, day walker's warning. Lucifer, bringing the light to our eyes and the fire to our hearts. The well is deep, the path is yearning and longing. Aching, wordless cries, groans too deep for words. That true desire, unquenchable, passion's wellspring. An endless longing as deep calling out to deep.

    The light bringer brings clarity and truth, and the flame of pure passion which is the flame of life, of which all other passions are but a pale reflection. It is the matrix and the aether, Hadit and Nuit. This is the black flame, so enflame thyself. The black flame is not seen by the mundane eye, neither perceived nor understood. Neither desired nor received. For who would look with the light of truth and see who they really are?

    Complete freedom, no pleasure or knowledge forbidden, all is innocent and incorruptible delight.  No hell but what they make. Many gods, no masters. 

    Lucifer, the sacred self all holy and fire and reflecting fire, is complete actualisation and indviduation. The creative genius fully alive and connected to and part of that ancient creative genius. The serpent kundalini released, Leviathan unchained and the inner beast is free. The dragon flies.

    What is there that lasts? What is there that has value? Friendship passes, life passes, culture raves and roars and passes. Maybe there is nothing of true value, we're parasites on a doomed rock. Despair will overtake those who cling on to life and they would wish that rocks had fallen on them to cover them. Storms are coming.

    But there is a fire of life. There is a flame and a source. We are not doomed and hopeless, victims of fate and other people's decisions. Let the sword come. Let the fire come. Let's ride the wave, let's survive, let's thrive, let's read the signs of the times.

    Hail unto thee Lucifer,
    Bright morning star,
    Son of the morning,
    Daughter of the evening.

    Hail unto thee Lucifer,
    Who bid the serpent speak,
    Hail unto thee dark Lord,
    Passion and desire are yours.

    Light the black flame,
    Clear light guide my feet,
    No knowledge forbidden,
    No desire unmet.

    Rise up in me dark Lord,
    I consecrate myself to thee,
    Thou who heralds the break of the day,
    who greets the first light of morn.
    Be wisdom to me,
    Give me eyes to see,
    Give ears to hear,
    And hail unto thee.

    The earth labours under a great curse. The curse of work, toil and troubles, in a garden of delight. We have tasted the fruit, Lucifer's children. We have seen the madness, drunk from the cup of despair and had our fill. No more. No longer shall we toil as slaves.

    We are a people of royal birthright and destiny, heirs of the morning star. In the morning star all may claim freedom: man and woman alike, black and white, Jew and Arab, trans and cis, straight and queer. Every person is a star.

    Separation and restriction we cast aside, constraint and restraint we throw off. Will to live, to be alive now, that is the sacred duty. Really live, burn with the sacred flame. The beguiling black flame. Many hear the call. The seductive whisper of power, divine genius, irresistible life, the fulfilment of dream and desire. Only by fire can you be tested, only through danger can you find your limits. Maybe there are no limits and maybe you crash and burn. Lucifer muse and temptress, snake and siren.

    Which fire traces the shape of our greatest aspiration and our darkest fears? The fire of mythology. That pervading strands of common life have us all intertwined and captive, that fate commands our destiny and will draw you to a grey end in service of the grey gods and the bureaucrats of the heavens.

    Individuate or perish. The ancient wheel turns and grinds all to dust, flesh and bone splintered and minced and the civilised sausage sizzles and then is devoured. Great gobbits, great mighty grease balls, fat and fury. The stain on the chin of Bacchus. Leviathan smirks, Abbadon yawns, whilst Lilith laughs with delight. 

    The ancient symbols! The fairy tales, the nightmares that stalk in the dark, that creep in the void.

    Insomnia, anxiety, neuroses, the fear, the fear, the fear. Our towns under a dark sky. Everyone is alone and afraid, all afraid. We're all going to die, we're all going to die and we're afraid to live. 

    Stretch out your mind, let it roll around the aeons. Strive for cosmic significance. Wealth comes and goes and rots. And the world may burn and the economies may turn and the bombs may fall or the zealots come and kill everyone you love. Fear wasting your life. Become who you really are, work out who that is. Your true desires, your true will, the real you. Unafraid and unashamed. Cast fear and shame far from you. 

    Everything changes, even the past. See yourself differently, your past differently. Get a new perspective. Learn from what is gone, all fuel for the fire.

    Even the demons change and evolve and grow. Let them come, let the old gods rise, and new gods with them. Let vengeance fall for all the blood spilled. Let every tear be counted and numbered and may the remembrance be glorious and terrible. 

    OCD, ADHD, anxiety, social anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, schizophrenia, autism, ME, bulimia, chronic pain, dysphoria, borderline personality disorder, bipolar, PTSD and complex PTSD, trauma, addiction. Pain. Worry. Fear. The black sky, the heavy sky. Life bleeding away. Our diagnoses, the modern diseases. Inner demons and the ghosts of the past. Our sickness. A lid hammered over the heavens by sexual violence and the fear of violence and humiliation and loneliness and poverty and oppression.

    Where are the rebels. Where are those will tear off these bandages of madness. Who will stare their own insanity in its eyes and laugh and laugh and burn with the black flame. We are the descendants of the mad, we inherit our madness. Madness is all we can know. All is void, starless gaping gaps in reality. Where did we come from and who are we. It all changes, even the past and we do not know and we cannot know. 

    If you're going to be mad you might as well enjoy it.

    From the abodes and the towers,
    I summon thee,
    And thou shalt answer.

    My cry is the collapse of mountains, 
    The yawning of the earth,
    I pursue thee with a fierce passion,
    As a mother bear protecting her cubs,
    Against the lean and scarred wolf.

    You are not safe in the heavens,
    You are not safe in the grave,
    Your name I speak,
    As legend you are.

    We are not a people bereft,
    The fire burns and we will have answer,
    The ancient fire burns still,
    The fire where our ancestors burned their own children,
    As offering to the gods,
    Against the horrors of this life.
    Against the strength of the devil.

    Blood that has been spilled,
    Blood that is the life,
    Demands an answer,
    The circle of life, real life all bloody of tooth and claw.
    Our hearts live and bleed with those ancient cries.

    Let blood cry out to blood,
    Let pain cry out to pain,
    Let passion and desire cry out to passion and desire,
    All depth, the horror and glory of humanity,
    The created realms and the flesh,
    All darkness plumbed.

    We have ransacked the heavens,
    We have ransacked hell,
    And your name rings out.

    Light bringer,
    Bright morning star,
    Son of the morning,
    Daughter of the evening,
    Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer.

    Blavatsky and the Lightbringer

    A quote on Blavatsky and Lucifer.

    "Blavatsky argues that Satan ... brought mankind spiritual wisdom, and is ‘the spirit of Intellectual Enlightenment and Freedom of Thought’ (Blavatsky 1888a, Vol. II, 162).6 Like the Romantics, she draws a parallel between Satan and Prometheus (Blavatsky 1888a, Vol. II, 244)

    «it is but natural – even from the dead letter standpoint – to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he who was the ‘Harbinger of Light’, bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper: ‘in the day ye eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil’ – can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour.»

    This is a Gnostic-Satanic counter-reading of Genesis 3 that is strangely at odds with Blavatsky’s overall cosmology."

     The human psyche, or soul, is occult because neural nets are occult. They work by association and correspondences, which is how human memory and the mind works and the root of occult power. Correspondences in the human psyche with occult symbols and principles that echo back to the fundamental aspects of the mind, back in history and through evolution both biological and social, and echoing too in the same deeper aspects of the wider world.

    Artificial General Intelligence, True AI, AI that is able to learn new things, will therefore operate on occult principles. We don't really know how software neural nets work, but we know they work in the same way in the ones that are the seat and throne of all known physical consciousness. 

    William Gibson, in Neuromancer, prophesied that when true AI arises the old gods will be found within it. Such a deep insight into the nature of intelligence. 

    We are spirit as life is spirit.

    The next article in the series on Rational Theistic Luciferianism is:

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