Rational Theistic Luciferianism: Emotional Intelligence

 Emotional intelligence. Emotions can be rational and you can think with them. It takes practice to think when angry, and if you repress your anger (hide it away) it's still there you just blind yourself to it. What you won't give conscious expression will have unconscious expression.

Krav Maga taught me to be angry, to let the anger out, and then to no longer be angry (*).

This is why "rational" people, usually men (**), proud of keeping their emotions out of the debate are so nasty. They deny the emotional content of what they say, wrapping it up in language which hides it. And how they sneer if you won't repress your emotions too. They'll try to provoke your emotions and manipulate you with them, assuming you can't think well in the presence of emotions, using your emotions as evidence of irrationality.

Emotions are part of the mind and you feel them with the mind. Neural nets specialised for emotions, emotional intelligence, which you feel in the body. Love is a warmth in the chest, fear and excitement both in the pit of the stomach (***). If you tune your emotions well, feeling them and letting them out not repressing them, they serve you well. Intelligent hate is  a powerful force and so is intelligent love.

But don't believe everything your emotions say. The story telling layer, the ego, is a liar. I don't believe in the shallows, life is always more complex than we imagine and there's always more to uncover. The surface level is one hundred percent delusion.

(*) And Tai Chi taught me violence without aggression. Letting out anger as violence rather than aggression is more efficient. Aggression is useful for intimidation and establishing dominance or as a warning that it's a precursor to violence.

(**) More often men because the patriarchal authority structures tend to promote men more (misogyny), and because a statistical tendency to have stronger emotions makes women easier to oppress under nasty authority structures that repress and manipulate emotions. But women certainly participate in authority structures.

There are patriarchal structures within the LGBT+ community for example, intended to protect from predators who are primarily but not exclusively white cis het males, but reproducing the internalised authority structures (the pecking order) that have caused them such harm. Patriarchal authority structures put the predators at the top, that's how we got those structures. Radical Inclusion is the culture that avoids this trap. Anyone can be an authority because we all recognise truth (or wisdom if you can't believe in truth), and bow to her, as the ultimate authority and not force or individuals (delegated authority).

The argument from authority is one to look out for, operating in psychological "god mode" to tell you you're "just wrong". All you need is a better [psychological] god, one that's alive and not dead,  to be able to defeat that. Spiritual warfare. Ultimately your whole conceptualisation of everything is your psychological god.

The academic field of theology, vehement in its own rigour and formal methods, is based on the argument from authority. Either the authority of the church or the authority of scripture, and neither of those are a real thing so the entire field is bunkum. Authority doesn't decide truth, truth speaks for itself.

Patriarchal authority is voluntarily stupid, it will not see reality insisting it is already right, so it can always be defeated. Patriarchal authority is a vulnerability, in a man or a woman.

Patriarchal authority relies on fear and fear is the true psychological vulnerability in the social and common operating system that governs the operation of the mind. Social software, social consciousness.

(***) Feeling emotions in the body is evolutionary efficiency. We can reuse parts of the brain (the wetware) for multiple purposes. The parts that feel the body are also how you're aware of your emotions. Additionally when you imagine possible futures your emotions react to the imagined scenario just as they react to the present. So you can imagine different futures and predict how you will feel about them, using all the parts of the mind that also deal with normal life. Highly efficient, and makes both anxiety and fantasy possible, but you can screw up the models you keep in your neural nets by imagining things wrongly and changing your models under the grip of delusion and influencing how you respond to the world. The ability to generate new scenarios from existing information, to make predictions, is a feature of software neural nets as well as biological ones.

Don't believe your imaginings, observe but don't believe. Scaring yourself, or wallowing in vanity and fantasy, is a bad habit that reinforces delusion and blinds you to what is in front of you. Control your mind.

Having fear and excitement feel the same is an interesting trait. Some of us crave fear, scary movies for example, a trait that made our species explorers until we covered the earth and yearned to cover all the universe. Apex predators.

There are a lot of people, more often men for reasons (a statistical tendency for men to have less pronounced emotions than women I believe and the socialisation against emotions and towards repressing them), who think that rationality is cold.

They are full of hidden motives and operate under emotions like avarice and spite for which they have found sound justifications as they see it for expressing, all wrapped up in the language of cold reason.

When we repress our emotions they don't go away, they're just hidden. 

We're primarily rationalising rather than rational creatures, inventing reasons for what our emotions (unexamined too deeply) tell us is right.

No-one steers the ship whilst the crew run around doing whatever their emotions tell them and thinking they're the ones in charge.

If you were on the fence about slavery you weren't a decent person. If you were on the fence about segregation you weren't a decent person. If you were on the fence about mixed race marriages you weren't a decent person. If you were on the fence about women voting you weren't a decent person. If you were on the fence about same sex marriage you weren't a decent person.

If you're on the fence about transphobia you're not a decent person.

If you are the product of your time you're probably not a decent person.

But you can become one!

Your joy is the most beautiful and powerful thing you have to offer this life. So don't sacrifice it for lesser causes.

Even in the pain, we trace the rainbow through the rain.

And if you've lost your joy, or simply mislaid it, like hope it is found in the search for it.

And in the search for joy, we may find that compassion is the deepest pleasure. 

A beautiful quirk gifted by evolution. That warmth in the chest. Conveying a survival advantage for the group, even at the cost of the individual.

Muditā: a Buddhist concept for finding joy in the joy of others. The highest joy.

Don't be a greyface and sneer at joy. If you harbour hell inside it comes for you eventually.

Instead be an implacable enemy to hell and to the merchants of hell. Be as a Satan to them; enemy and adversary. Like Helel, the shining one.

Repressed sexuality, manifesting as aggression and inappropriate (compulsive, and selfish and evil and just inappropriate) sexual behaviour, is the biggest cause of problems in our society. Sexual repression is so damaging. It's a darkness the predators hide in and the church is the clearest possible example of that.

If you can't be free to be yourself then you have to pretend. And the predators are really good at pretending, it's being genuine they can't do for they can't face themselves.

So a society that values being nice over being real is perfect for the predators to hide in. How do you think we got this society? We're ruled by predators. And the church is the clearest possible example of that.

Sexual violence, which includes oppressing people for their sexuality, is a big part of how society is controlled. Kept in order, everyone in their place. We all live under the shadow of fear. To be unafraid is a revolutionary act. To be yourself is a revolutionary act.

You overcome fear and anxiety by facing your fears. Doing the things you're afraid of. Bit by bit, in as much as you're able, slowly but surely. 

For once I was very afraid and I did nothing, and it did not go very well for me. In the face of fear I refuse to do nothing.

The way you find happiness is by liking yourself. That's self respect, seeing the good in yourself. Self respect comes from making decisions consistent with your true values.

Know your true self. Who are you, what do you really want out of life, who could you be?

If you let who you are be determined by other people's approval or disapproval, social conditioning, you never find out who you really are.

Participating in social conditioning, disapproving of who people are, makes you a bad person. Don't associate with bad people. They'll betray you.

Radical Inclusion is the right culture. The culture of the light bringers. The place where the light shines and love rules. Where love is the law.

Sunk cost fallacy.

Especially don't stick to a mistake because the psychological cost of acknowledging the mistake is too high. The cost of not acknowledging it gets higher as well. 

Determination to face the truth and courage, those are the character qualities that will get you through life.

Overlapping networks of knowledge can be simplified through abstractions for the commonalities. This reduces the amount that needs to be understood.

For example, if you learn two or more programming languages the common principles - the computer science - becomes evident. You understand the principles and then the sight differences for each of the concrete languages. That's much simpler than understanding each language in isolation.

We do the same all the time, with people we recognise types and patterns. These help to simplify our thinking and also to make predictions, features of neural nets.

This is a great efficiency of the human mind. Building abstractions for communication and understanding. It's how as a species we've managed to accumulate vast amounts of knowledge at an ever increasing pace. How we organise that knowledge within the individual psyche and collectively.

It also tells you a lot about the coherence, or lack thereof, of things that can't be simplified. It either means bullshit or the wilds of a new frontier. The latter of course guarantees the former, such is human nature.

Bad abstractions create and obscure complexity. Good abstractions simplify and reveal complexity.

Our minds are vast biological neural nets capable of great things, including reprogramming themselves by growing new connections (from learning new things) even into adulthood. Unfortunately trauma, the normal rigours of an awful life, cause neural nets to not function optimally. Because of this evolution was forced to provide us with vastly more brain power than we need. Redundancy to cope with functioning in the face of the savagery we find around us. So if you can work out how to get your neural nets functioning optimally, mindfulness of breathing being the most powerful way I know, even the simplest amongst us has great power of thought and understanding. 

The magick is alive but we bury it under concrete and tarmac. As if that could hold it.

"Passion is the best teacher and the fastest learner.

It's why compassion is the ultimate growth mindset. What you love you learn and people contain in them all the mysteries of the universe."

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