Rational Theistic Luciferianism: Leviathan and Behemoth

 This is the eleventh article in a series on Rational Theistic Luciferianism, for the other articles on Satanism see (more recent first):

    Ego is your conception of self and the world. Let it burn up.

    Identity can be shallow or deep, the forms of the ego or a deeper understanding. If you find your identity in your ego, in your pride or in your worldview, then when your ego is stripped away (somebody contradicts you perhaps or something in your worldview is shown to be wrong) it will feel like dying. This is why people protect their worldview and egos, they find their identity in it and an attack on it feels like an attack on them.

    A deeper sense of identity is found in obedience of the injunction to know thyself. Who are you? It's a fair question to ask anyone. What forces have shaped your lives and what aspects of life do you find your life in? What is your identity and do you have languages to explain and explore it, where are your passions?

    Here are some dimensions of my identity, axes of privilege and oppression:

    I'm a Jewish, British, socialist, feminist, witch, middle aged, middle class, pansexual, ex-christian, ex-homeless, ex-prisoner, GenX, neurodiverse, cult survivor, body positive, sex positive, switch, gamer, raver, hippie, polyamarous, psychonaut, white, cis, mostly male identifying geek.

    Each of these words or phrases both simplifies and reveals an aspect of my life and character and my experience of life.

    Being a Thelemite is another dimension of my identity, as is being a Rational Theistic Luciferian.

    To know who you truly are is to know your True Will. To know your true will you must know who you truly are.

    We inevitably must have a conception of self, and sometimes we may have roles with which we adorn the ego like fine clothing. The role of parent or business-person or the role of priest. But let the ego be flexible, be able to let go. This is the value I find in meditation, in order to focus on the breath you must let go of distraction and the regular practise of letting go is invaluable.

    It's your ego you sacrifice, let it burn. Your conception of self and the world. Let it go completely on the altar. The altar is to truth, and we seek her with all our hearts though we know not yet how much we have seen.

    We are not who we think we are, and we can be so much more. But first let go of what you cling to, your ideas of who you are and of what is. The world is weirder, and therefore wonderfuler, than we can possibly imagine. But we have to find it.

    The super-ego is your idealised conception of self, who you think you could be or should be. Often mistaken for the voice of conscience and the seat of the Demiurge, the evil god of the slave religions and conventionality.

    The id, the unconscious drive, the primal urge and surge, we associate with Leviathan. Leviathan, that ancient enemy who dwells in the ocean and whose symbol is strength.

    By legend Leviathan the sea beast or sea serpent has a great enemy on the land, the beast who is Behemoth. This is the soul in opposition to itself. The Behemoth of ego is at war with the Leviathan of the id, Behemoth would twist and rend Leviathan unto his will whilst Leviathan would be in charge and defeat and plunge the Behemoth into the ocean of unconsciousness where he must perish.

    Where you identify with your Leviathan, where you are enemy and are at peace with the inner beast, then Behemoth also is tamed.

    Within every person resides a great beast. Repress it and forever live in fear of yourself, or master it and rule. We are Leviathan under the ocean that we might be Behemoth upon land.

    Childcare advice from a Satanist. He's right of course, but when did truth ever matter.

    Those who train children according to fixed ideas cripple and deform them. Why are our adults so riddled with neuroses? Because the normal way of bringing up children is for the convenience of the parents and to produce conformity. Now put on your school uniform and receive your trauma and be a good girl.

    Nice isn't a personality. Being a good boy isn't a personality. Being a good girl isn't a personality. They're alternatives to authenticity. Alternatives to having a personality. Alternatives to knowing who you really are.

    Teaching your children obedience to authority is teaching them to be slaves. To be as unhappy as everyone else. They'll fit in well

    There is a longstanding question as to whether or not Crowley was a Satanist. Here is the answer:

    He was definitely a Satanist in the popular imagination, a reputation he played to and encouraged (with good reason - shadow work). He also venerated Satan and Lucifer in his work and life.

    It seems untenable to say it's wrong to call him a Satanist.

    The way this debate usually goes is that the person calling him a Satanist finds a [large] collection of quotes and extracts of his writing venerating Satan. Which the person denying it then proceeds to ignore.

    Naturally it depends how you define Satanism. Which is another reason the statement "he wasn't a Satanist" is subjective and untenable. Within one definition it might be right, by another wrong.

    It all depends on what you mean by words.

    Usually those denying he was a Satanist do so not for genuine linguistic or religious reasons, but to push their own view of Crowley and their own definition of words.

    Honouring neither life nor language.

    It's why I call him a Luciferian too and see myself as a Satanic Luciferian in his tradition. He venerated Lucifer as his HGA, which he called a personal deity. In his writing he equated Satan and Lucifer. Having Satan/Lucifer as your personal god sounds at least like a reasonable definition of the words Satanist and Luciferian. However differently you view these things.

    Some further, slightly train of thought, notes on parenting.

    I've always loved children and children have always loved me. In me they find freedom.

    You're not responsible for how your kids turn out. You are responsible for your ongoing relationship with them. These are hardly ideas unique to me and Crowley. I have friends who sent their kid to a Steiner school in Brighton. Steiner schools were founded in 1815.

    Safety is a lie and you hem your children in with the same fears and social expectations that did you so much harm and the cycle of trauma continues.

    Stop lying to your children, "protecting" them from the world so you can live in a fake child safe world that hides so much evil. The abuse that happens in the fake childsafe world, hidden under the darkness of authority, should break our hearts.

    I have protected them from harm, but as soon as you say "there's a balance" people nod sagely, agree, and then draw the line back right where it was. Unwilling and unable to learn. It's a topic on which everyone admits that they know nothing whilst also insisting they know best and refusing to learn.

    Teach your children to work out for themselves who they are. Teach them to question authority including yours. Teach them to be stars. Everything you make your children into is something they are not and must be undone for them to know who they truly are. They must learn to make themselves.

    Normal parenting produces neurotic and unhappy adults surely that's obvious from the society around us. "We must do exactly what everyone else does for none of us know what we are doing." Social conditioning. The cycle of trauma. Inherited sin. The generational curses. What we need is something different. That much is clear.

    Remembering what it felt like as a child, seeing the world through their eyes, is the best way. Children have such strong feelings and strong feelings are so hard to cope with. Which is why we dull our feelings to a faint ache and grieve our lost passion. Just like everyone else.

    The hardest thing in life is to work out who you really are. What your values are, not what you were taught. What you really want out of life. How to know and say what you really think.

    The primary duty of a caregiver is to help a child work out for themselves who they are.

    All the good things in life require risk. So the greatest risk in life is to take no risk. That child safe world is the death not just of truth but also of real life.

    The Demiurge, the evil demon god of the slave religions and conventionality. The god of rules and the god of the gaps.

    Normality is a slave religion. It will drag you off to a life of everyday suffering. Your own personal hell. Individuate. Stand for something and be someone.

    To be a light bringer, to see and shine the black flame of truth, requires great depth. To see below the surface.

    Your own mind is the enemy, to an extent, in the form of confirmation bias and motivated thinking. We're rationalising creatures and your mind works very hard to rationally justify the conclusions your emotions have already reached.

    It's why most faith is false, disingenuous. If you couldn't bring yourself to think anything else your faith isn't a decision (however much it once was), you're a hostage. Your mind is not free and the freedom you claim is a lie. A lie that seeks to ensnare others.

    That doesn't just mean conventional religion, and of course no-one thinks it applies to them; normality is a slave religion. Conventionality will drag you off to a life of everyday suffering, your own personal hell. In fact much of religion is conventionality dressed up and enforced with religious language. It won't let you deviate too far from what everyone else thinks. What everyone else thinks, the social consensus which is the little mind killer, is what holds everyone bound. 

    This is why if you're not practised at changing your mind you can't find truth and you'll be stuck. And why if you can't stick to your guns in the face of a mob convinced you're wrong you can't have integrity. The social consensus is death for the individual.

    My faith, being true to what I see, has cost me a lot. I have faith in myself and faith in life.

    No-one is in control, the ship steers itself whilst the crew run around doing whatever their emotions tell them telling themselves they're the ones in charge.

    The big question, which no-one has proven but many mystics have claimed and quantum mechanics tantalisingly hints at, is whether or not the universe itself is also pure thoughtform. Let's call it an open question.

    Rational Theistic Luciferianism is compatible with an atheist philosophy because it acknowledges that our whole experience of life happens within the mind.

    Theism is a more powerful mindset, that's why we pick it. In your reality an infinite source of life, the source of all life, is your life. That more closely mirrors the natural operation of the human mind at its peak.

    God is a great word for describing our connection to everything. And everything is bigger than us.

    Identity and Shadow Work

    Written in response to a comment from a friend on the aspect of your personality that is found in "the social consensus", and therefore "mostly out of your control" as was his assertion.

    That's why you do shadow work. To take charge of you and to be you even in the collective unconscious. Own your shadow and let it work for you.

    That's where a lot of the power of Satanism is found. To the old evil religion it appears very evil indeed, and therefore still has great psychological power even in the psyche of those who identify as your enemy. The more they identify as enemy, the greater power it has.

    Satanism uses the same symbols that I have worked with all my life, and it's a lovely framework for exploration of self in the widest sense possible and I do so despise that dead religion so much.

    Those symbols, the symbols of Christianity and Satanism and the Occult, are potent within every individual of Western influence due to their formational role in the collective unconscious. The story of all of us irredeemably involves those symbols. They have played a huge role within the evolution of the social consciousness and still do. Leviathan, the ancient enemy who dwells in the ocean and whose symbol is strength, is a favourite of mine to work with.

    Within my Satanism Leviathan is identified with the id, the unconscious drive and the primal urge and surge. When we identify as enemy, we become "Satan" and we are "enemy", we identify with the id. Behemoth, the ego, is no longer in opposition to the id.

    The Demiurge, dead religion and of rules of digital conditioning, are identified with the super-ego.

    By default Leviathan and Behemoth are at war. Behemoth would drag Leviathan onto land where they expire exposed and dry and gasping and writhing for water. Leviathan would pull Behemoth into the waters of the unconscious where they perish.

    Identifying as enemy Leviathan and Behemoth are at peace and the inner conflict is over and you are the inner enemy, your drive and passion unquenched, and you stand against any outer enemy. We are Leviathan under the ocean that we might be Behemoth on land.

    You can affect peoples' unconscious whilst they tightly guard their conscious minds and can be very nasty indeed to the you who dwells within. Reality is a little deeper than the rational layer however.

    We're primarily emotional and rationalising creatures, complex and inextricably intertwined and blind to that fact, neither understanding ourselves nor others.

    An effective offence against the nasty and judgemental is a useful tool in any psychological toolkit. Along with the wherewithal to recognise the false nature in the smiling lying garbs it wears.

    A real friend stands up for you in public. A person's commitment to truth is such a powerful discerner of character.

    These are my conclusions so far in dividing what is real from what is false.

    Unless you're able to stand against the social consensus you're unable to be an individual. You can't know if you're able until you try of course. Unconscious identification with the group, which is blindness as you delegate yourself outside yourself, is powerfully habitual.

    It's in standing for something that we become someone.

    Inside every person resides a great beast. Repress it and forever live in fear of yourself, or master it and rule.r

    That which art love I will trust it completely. That which art the enemy I will fight. Even though I am scared I will fight.

    The mystery of the number of the beast, 666, was solved long ago by the Qabalists with numerology. The biggest clue was papyrus 115 which is the oldest surviving fragment of the Apocalypse of John. This fragment includes chapter 13 and verse 18 but instead of 666 it gives the number of the beast as 616.
    "This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 616."
    616 and 666 are the numerological values of different spellings of the name of the Emperor Nero/Neron. So I've heard tell anyway and I believe it.

    Numerology, an aspect of the Qabala, is now an occult art deriving from medieval Jewish mysticism itself based, as is claimed, on ancient Hebrew traditions.

    That great evil which assumed unto itself divinity was the great beast. The rotting carcase of the Roman Empire still holds sway in the hearts of man through Catholicism of course and Christianity as spread to the Roman Empire as a way of subjugating the populace.

    In his second meditation, on certainty, Descartes famously concluded that the only thing you can know with absolute certainty is I Am.

    Cogito ergo sum is usually rendered "I think therefore I am". More faithful to the original is this rendering "there is thought, therefore there is a thinker".

    It is said that this presupposes the existence of I. My Buddhist rendering addresses this: "in thought there is an experience of self".

    Understanding that our reality is subjective is the basis of the scientific method and the Western tradition of ceremonial magick:

    How much do you collude with the lies people tell themselves and how much are you a faithful mirror and reflect what you see, or do you prefer the social lubrication of constant deceit. And what about the lies you tell yourself?

    Everyone has to decide if they will pay the price for a commitment to the truth or go along with the crowds. Whichever crowd they run with. Not grand truth or absolute truth, normal and everyday truth. I like you, it's raining, I did not steal that car.

    This is how the truth sets you free; when you speak your truth fearlessly, despite what people think and say, you know what you really think and dare to say it. You become who you always already were, deep inside. No longer trapped inside, a different person on the inside than you are on the out. 

    It's the power of integrity. You become able to understand yourself and you make sense as a person. It's only in standing for something that you become someone.

    Jung said loneliness comes not from a lack of people but the inability to communicate what is really important to you.

    Sharing deeply. To know and be known. That's how we find healing. Unconditional acceptance brings freedom.

    "Let us open up ourselves to one another, without fear of being hurt or turned away."

    Conditional love. Love if you meet the standards and follow the rules; that's not love at all.

    "When a person can't find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure" -- Viktor Frankl

    And with routine. Victor Frankl observed that those who survived in the concentration camp were those who found meaning and purpose even amidst the horror.

    The meaning and purpose of life is to find meaning and purpose in life.

    And as a Jewish philosopher once said, it is found in the search for it. Seek honestly and you will find.

    It takes courage to stand against the normal flow of things and to dare to say something different and be something different. But say something real, something worth saying. Be something real, something worth being. Live like your life means something.

    Most people can't change. They're stuck.

    Intelligence is the ability to learn new things. That's the difference between AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence, True AI). Learning new things changes you. 

    Intelligence is the ability to change.

    It would be a shame to not fuck around and find out. 

    Your true will is who you really are, who you need to be in order to be free and released, your true will is your inner genius. Your social conditioning is not who you are, but who you have been made into and which obscures who you are. Social conditioning tells you who to be and how to behave in order to fit in. It has nothing to do with your true will and the only way to get to your true will is to break your social conditioning. 

    Social conditioning fawns to the predator, in order to rule yourself you must break the rule of the predator who tells you who you're allowed to be.

    Break your social conditioning. Stand up to the mob and be a free person, an individual. Someone who knows what they think and dares to say it.

    Monogamy is a religion. Ethical non-monogamy can be beautiful.

    Drugs, especially psychedelics, really can open your mind and bring healing, or just pleasure.

    Defy authority, or stay a slave to the social rules that hold everyone in their place.

    If you won't break the rules you can't be free. Joy is found in disobedience.

    People who think they're nice repress their nasty side, they don't see it. They reserve it for concern and disapproval and being offended.

    It's not nastiness, it's not judgement, it's not rejection and exclusion; it's concern and disapproval and being offended. Which of course is your right.

    Niceness is two faced and won't say what it thinks. Niceness does not value honesty and can't learn when people are lying. The path to your own personal hell is paved with not saying what you mean.

    Saying what you mean is an art, especially when it makes you uncomfortable. You get better at it the same way you get to Carnegie Hall.


    You get better at saying what you mean, at knowing and seeing what you really mean, when you value the truth even when you have to work hard to stay within her broad confines. And when you value telling the truth you can spot other people who value it too.

    When you're always nice and never say what you think you're trapped inside.

    Being nice all the time is a special kind of hell.

    It's easier to take advantage of the nice. Why do you think predators socially reward it?

    We fawn to the predator and adopt their social conditioning and pick on the ones that they pick on and boy does it feel good to not be the one being picked on.

    We don't call them predators, we call them people we respect. And that's how they hide.

    We institutionalise being a predator and look up to their character qualities. We call it leadership and we put them in charge.

    Authoritarianism, authority worship, fascism. Many names, many faces.

    But this is how people work, it's the natural order of things. Unconscious and unacknowledged sexual dominance. And it's not just men, although most of the violent ones are.

    It's the social order, the pecking order.


    Social structures aimed at protecting people from the patriarchy become microcosms of patriarchy, with different people at the "top". Because we only feel safe in our prisons, and it's our unconscious habit to build and maintain these structures.

    Do you look to your peer group when working out how to view someone and how to respond to them? You're following your chain of command in the patriarchy, blind to unconscious judgement that's happening in other people's minds. And thou followest on.

    Keep your own eyes open and speak your own mind. That's a skill developed with practice, learning to listen for your own voice inside your mind amongst all the other voices.

    The still small voice.

    If we have a deep rooted fear of violence we will be blind to and repress our own capacity for violence.

    We will simply not see the violence inherent in society and how we perpetuate it.

    Our violence is casual and to people groups like the homeless, gypsies, drug addicts, single parents and immigrants.

    We outsource our violence to the state and tell ourselves what nice people we are.

    You have to fight if you want peace.

    The fight is the freedom and the freedom is the fight. We struggle to stop struggling we wrestle to drop the wrestling. That's never more evident to me than in meditation, where you have to wrestle with yourself to relax and focus and let go of distractions. Your meditations are a metaphor for your life of course, everything is.

    But then, sometimes, when you've let go of the distractions enough they don't come back. And you can find that focus on the breath becomes effortless and your awareness is in it, you almost become the breath, and time seems like it has stopped and you have no idea how long you've been like that but it's beautiful and usually just realising it is enough to break the spell but then you can get it back. 

    Flow state, or Dhyana or Jhana as the Buddhists call it. Relaxed and alert effortless focus. Stepping back into the garden of the mind where the work of tending the garden is the same as the work of enjoying the garden and there's some space for things to unfold. You have to let go of what you hold onto enough to get there. 

    I don't get there very often but I've been there.

    "The best of all possible worlds is the one that exists. That's Leibniz.

    The one that exists, that is true, that is the one that is best."

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