Magnificent Woman

Life is so much more fun when you master your desires.
So, this is probably highly sexist but it's a small peak into the inner workings of my strange psyche. Sorry.

I notice that I have certain "labels" that I use to express how I feel about certain people, and I do this much more frequently for women than I do for men. I don't really know why but I don't *think* it's a particularly bad thing. I mention this now because whilst meditating I just thought of a new one and a handful of women it applies to (names withheld to protect the magnificent).

Here are the labels I use (obviously a one dimensional summation of someone's character, a gross generalisation of any individual and all generalisations are wrong):
  • A good person (speaks for itself)
  • A capable person (implies good but adds skill and capacity for getting things done)
  • An impressive person (implies capable but with great skill or capacity)
  • A formidable person (implies impressive but with a stronger element of fierceness)
  • A magnificent person
One of my greatest joys of the last few years (late to the party I know) is that I'm now able to appreciate and enjoy formidable women. I used to be scared of them, but now I'm not. Heck, I love them, even if we argue sometimes. It takes a bit of fierceness to get things done sometimes.

So hurrah for formidable women, especially if you can help undo some of the horrible mess the men have been making of things.

And as for magnificent women. Well.

Love is not weak. Love is strong and love is fierce.

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