The Liberal Agenda

The liberal agenda, much hated by much of modern Christianity, is a move of God. They hate the hypocrisy and wilful ignorance of organised religion. Their questions about God and faith are real. Their pursuit of equality is a genuine movement for justice, love and acceptance (in contrast to the prevailing spirit of the world that hates those who are different) and against oppression.

It's heartbreaking to see the church resist and denounce this working of God in our society.

That other, related, social movement "The 99%" is part of the same move of God. A pursuit of social justice.

In both these movements I see people sacrificing and laying down their lives to build cultures of love and justice and to speak out against oppression. As I search for the fire of God these are some of the places I'm finding it.

(Footnote: in case there's any doubt I include topics such as feminism, socialism, supporting marriage equality, supporting ethnic minority rights, a rejection of organised religion and caring for the environment as disparate parts of "The Liberal Agenda". There's plenty more to it of course, maybe a topic for another post some day, but that will do for a start.)

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