My Dragon is Growing

Working out what the work is is the work.
My dragon is growing. The consciousness of an animal is not fundamentally different from that of a human, we are after all merely a different kind of animal. So it's fun to observe and try to understand the lizard brain.

Sapphira's body and brain are different, with much more behaviour "hard wired" and instinctual rather than learned, but nonetheless her conception of the world and her surroundings exist in her imagination. By watching how she sees her world and interacts with it, by becoming part of her world and interacting with her, I can start to feel how she sees her world. She is a hunter. She kills and eats her prey without compassion or mercy. It is her nature. Nature itself is red in tooth and claw, and just as we do she partakes of that nature.

As I am part of her world, she is also part of mine. I live in her imagination and she in mine. Our worlds intersect. And in my imagination she breathes fire. The part of her that is alive in me is very fierce indeed. This I see in her and into her. Sapphira the wise.

My other hunter, Rosie the cat, walks the night. Rosie and Sapphira have an interesting relationship. Sometimes they spend hours just looking at each other. It seems to me that they get on fine, but still, Rosie would kill Sapphira if she could. It is merely her nature. So I try to show Sapphira the place in Rosie's mind where she is afraid, my little fraidy cat. I teach them both not to fear. I don't think they want to tangle with each other, not really. So instead they sit and watch, and dream of each other.

"Beauty is a mind virus. You have to choose whether to let it change you or to kill it. You can't know real beauty and not be changed."

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