Evolutionary Spirituality III: A Natural Philosophy

We are physical beings. Our life is the operation of the physical laws of the universe, neurochemical and biological processes. From this understanding there are two possible points of view (excepting a dualistic worldview that I reject for other reasons):

1. Our life, as we experience it and perceive it, is in fact an illusion and we are merely the semi-deterministic (but chaotic) operation of physical matter and energy. "Moist pink robots" as Scott Adams calls us. We are not alive, we are in fact as dead as the rest of the universe.

2. I believe in life. My life is merely the operation of the physical laws of the universe, therefore the same life that is in me permeates everything. I am merely a small part of everything.

In fact these two statements are equivalent, it is literally a matter of which perspective on life you choose.

I do not believe in the supernatural. I merely believe the natural is more super than we give it credit for. I see infinities in the equations.

"Not knowing, but being and doing (which must become the same). Thirst for knowledge is a bad as thirst for power."

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