Short Meditations II: The City, Desire, Community and so on and so forth

Alphonse Constant: Magic is the product of will and imagination

The Scars of My Folly

The scars of my own folly, the etched lines of lonely desperation, these are precious to me. The wounds I've carried, both self inflicted and those from a careless world, the memory of pain I've held and caused, I treasure. That blindness that wouldn't and couldn't think for itself, that cowed itself out of fear, I remember with compassion. This part of who I am I'm grateful for, because it has taught me. I have learned. I am not there and I will not go there again.

The Rule of Love

First was the rule of force, survival of the strongest and fittest. Then came law. Law was a gift from God, more just than force. But law can only tell you when you have transgressed, it can only condemn and not redeem.

But law lays the foundation, it is the framework. Law permits the rule of love. Love is the fulfilment of the law, it does not abolish the law but transcends it and perfects it. Love is not bound by the law, but is more rigorous than law. Through the law the rule of love can be established. And against such there is no law.

This is a political philosophy.

The rule of law puts in place a practical framework to establish the rule of love. It is a necessary precedent in the evolution of social consciousness.

The City

There is a great city on a hill, where the king and queen abide and rule the kingdom. The name of the city is beauty and its foundations named desire. Its walls are love, and they are strong. The river that flows into the city, and sustains the land, is called hope. From the city shines a great light, whose name is joy.

Those for whom the city is home are the eternal ones. They are many but scattered. Those who feel the call know the way there, even if the road is hard. It is the way of the heart.

Dare to dream.


I do not much care what people believe. I care about who they are. It is my thought that we can live as a community, in mutual respect and friendship, supporting and upholding one another, without us all having to believe the same thing. And the [attempted] practise of this is the substance and outworking of my faith.


I can see why people believe in past lives (I don't). That feeling where you really meet someone and, maybe just for an instant, you really know who they are and it feels like you've always known them.

Secular Buddhism takes the teachings on reincarnation as an allegory of constant rebirth. Planck's constant tells us how often this happens.

Merely a Story

One of the stories, though poorly told still true, still true.

There is a creature more fair and pure than any other. This divine muse may even be the mother of all true beauty in the world. But men fear such beauty, they cannot look. So in weakness and fear and obedience we have caged her. Walled her into a dark place and surrounded her with guards of lust and greed and fear.

And though the guards howl and wail, still when the breeze is right her melody can be heard. A song of longing and fairer times. We fear the guards, but that song has captured our hearts. We can neither flee nor free our captive treasure. So she sings, and waits.

Her name is desire. Slay the guards and let your heart long.


I believe in love. I think it's just heavenly. Simply divine.

The only way to change people is to love them without trying to change them.

The New Thing

How often when you ask for the new thing, are you actually desperately hoping it will be the old thing again.

"There is only one true passion: passion itself. Everything else is a mere shadow."

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