Short Meditations: Love Like Gold, Politics and Advanced Calculus

There is a quality of love like pure gold, burnished and gleaming, refined in the fire. I will settle for nothing less. It is the only love, sell all you have to find it. Reckless and abandoned.

Love is a covenant, a promise. Love the higher love.

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a person found it, they hid it again, and then in their joy went and sold all they had and bought that field.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When she found one of great value, she went away and sold everything she had and bought it.

The best people have a deep need to love. The worst take advantage of this and think they do you a great favour by permitting you to love them. On their terms and when it suits them.  

Disgusting and entitled users. Don't love them,  hold out for real people. You will bear the pain of loneliness. People who don't value love won't be true to love and they'll hurt you. And their own love will turn to dust because they do not value it. 

Love the higher love. Be true to love. Friendship is the highest love.

I suppose in the end it's not very surprising how much pacifism is cowardice in self-righteous disguise.

Just as those on the right applaud tax cuts for the rich because they secretly think they deserve to be rich those on the left applaud pacifism for they secretly fear that one day they might have to fight.

Appeasing fascism doesn't work.

My maternal grandparents were Jews who escaped Berlin just before the war. My paternal grandfather was a fighter and bomber pilot decorated with the DSO four times (DSO with bar twice) and the DFC twice. 

I have his medals as a reminder. I'm a descendant of the Jews they tried to kill last time and the British who fought against them. Nazi killers.

If you want peace you have to stand up and fight for it, just as if you want Democratic Socialism you have to stand up and fight.

Friendship is the highest love. If you can't win your kids' hearts in friendship, by showing them love in way they can feel and feel secure in, then you don't really love them.

If your love is contingent on obedience you don't love your children you love rules. Unconditional love is the only love.

If you demand the respect of your children rather than winning their respect you don't love them, you love yourself.

If you teach your children they're bad, or sinful, you're a bad person.

Love is a fire. Love needs no defence she comes in like a lion. Love is not weak love is fierce. Love the higher love. 

One of my favourite parts of the "Zen of Python", which is accessed with "import this" at the interactive interpreter and was dreamed up by Tim Peters whilst watching pro-wrestling, is this:

If the implementation is hard to explain, it's a bad idea.
If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea.

In the process of tackling any problem domain clear understanding will necessitate the creation or use of clear language and jargon to explain the problem and solution. If you've been through this process you will be able to explain the problem and your solution (the implementation) simply and clearly.

If you cannot explain the problem or your solution simply and clearly then you have not gone through the process of properly understanding the problem and your implementation is therefore definitely a bad idea. If you have gone through this process and can explain the problem and your solution simply and clearly then your implementation may be a good idea.

Simplicity and clarity are community values in Python for a reason.

Humans have an innate ability for advanced calculus and are naturally terrible at statistics and probability.

Catching a ball or slowing down as the car in front of you brakes is calculus (based on the rate of decrease in velocity of the car in front how quickly should you decelerate to maintain the same distance between you). Judging the relative danger from terrorists and crossing the street is statistics and probability. As is assessing the danger of the covid vaccine versus covid.

We over emphasise the danger of rare events like plane crashes (Black Swans) and normalise everyday dangers.

The result can be living ruled by fear but being no safer.Taking great measures to protect yourself from unlikely risks whilst still being exposed to all the normal ones. What a miserable way to live. You can't make life risk free. Don't live in fear, face and overcome your fears.

And as for the meme, the median is off centre of the population. The mean (average) is greater than the mid point. The median is lower than the mean. (Most people don't understand statistical skew at all.) 

Not changing isn't actually an option. The world changes around you and the way to stop being changed by the world is to harden yourself. To dull your conscience bit by bit and refuse to learn. And your small dark world grows more confusing and terrifying year on year, as you sour inside and tell yourself that you're the good people. Not like those others; you shake your head "I don't know what's going on with the world" you'll say, "it didn't used to be like this". Must be the young people's fault.

The Labour party doing political advertising on behalf of the Liberal Democrats. The lib dems are soft on drugs and soft on crime. There's a platform I can get behind.

As much as I despise nuclear weapons I think the nuclear deterrent works. But one of their ideas is good. Unlike the Labour party...

Democratic Socialism, Proportional Representation, legalise drugs, legalise sex work, Radical Inclusion, Ethical Non-Monogamy. That's how we change society.

When it comes to political theory I'm a fan of Communalism. It's like Communism but you don't wait for the government to do it for you.

Fund mental health services, fund youth services and child services, fund probation services, fund addiction treatment, care for the homeless and the old and the ill and the refugee and make the rich pay their fair share.

There's still war within the Labour party between the Parliamentary Labour Party, who couldn't stand the unelectable Corbyn and are centre right in many ways, and the party membership who adored a leader who led from the allotment. Several large unions are talking seriously about ending their allegiance to Labour, membership has fallen, and the party appears to be in serious financial trouble.

Corbyn led Labour through two general elections to both their highest share of the vote in recent decades and the lowest number of mps. He was outmaneuvered on Brexit, "Get Brexit Done" was a winning position and "Second Referendum " wasn't, and resigned as leader.

After decades of faithful service to the people and the cause of Socialism the current leadership of the Labour party (Keir Starmer the greyface) has withdrawn the whip from Corbyn and thrown him out of the Labour party. Councillors, mps, and party members who publicly support him are also thrown out.

Meanwhile after joining a coalition government with the Tories, and abandoning their pledge on university fees, the Lib Dems were crushed in the last election and seem to have all but disappeared from UK politics.

This seems noteworthy. Sinn Fein are now the largest party in Stormont Northern Ireland. The DUP won't form a government with them until the situation of border checks in the Irish sea is addressed with the EU. Which is the result of a treaty Boris Johnson negotiated (not in any way personally obviously). There will be some kind of interim government (with a Sinn Fein First Minister), but not with much money spending capability it seems so far.

Sinn Fein is not making reunification their immediate priority but tackling cost of living crises and all the other crises in Northern Ireland first. It's the first time they've been the largest party in Stormont.

The current Conservative tactic for dealing with the EU has been pretty successful so far. Negotiate a deal and agree to it. Then complain it's not reasonable (which it isn't really but that's a different discussion - nothing about this situation is reasonable in any way) and complain that the EU is being obstructionist by not renegotiating what has already been agreed. 

On the one hand it's brazen. On the other hand it seems to work. 🙂 On the minus side Brexit has caused approximately an additional 4% on UK inflation to other European economies. 

In more fallout from the local elections there are zero Conservative councils in Wales. The Conservatives lost over three hundred council seats, but Labour only made paltry gains with the Lib Dems making a comeback in local politics at least.

"The new arises from the ashes of the old, so the old must first burn."

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