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Rational Theistic Luciferianism: Rational Theism

 This is the thirteenth article in a series on Rational Theistic Luciferianism, for the other articles on Satanism see (more recent first): Rational Theism Emotional Intelligence Leviathan and Behemoth Short Meditations on Life Chaos Magick & Tradition An Invocation of Lucifer & Truth and Lies Magick, Morality and Addressing the Spiritual The Occult Mind, Neural Nets and the Call of the Gods Practical Thelema Philosophical Foundations A Practise and the Cults, Black Magick, Lucifer and Moloch Luciferianism, Demonolatory and the Black Flame A Satanic Manifesto: My Personal Satanism Brains are simply amazing, the most amazing thing we know.  A vast biological neural net, effectively empty at birth (well, minimal training of very primal models) the only truly intuitive thing is the nipple. Absolutely everything else is learned. Capable of reprogramming itself even into adulthood by growing new connections when we learn new things. Also capable of ossifying, for those who do not wi