Short Meditations: The Penalty for Rape, Morality, Interesting Times and Orientation


Welcome to the New Age jungle,
Toxic positivity, spiritual bypassing,
Conspiracy theories and outright lies.

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We hope you never leave.

The Penalty for Rape

A fair amount of stuff on my timeline recently about killing paedophiles. I'm not particularly squeamish and I think that the world would be a much better place with fewer living paedophiles, although it is the act that is the abomination not the thought. 

I also can't help but think that if rapists tended to die then there'd be a lot fewer rapes after a while. That would make it easier for women to trust men, including to believe that we're actually on their side I guess and that would make the world a much nicer place to live in for men as well as for women. 

As a downside it would be a more violent world, quite a lot of murder to start with. Although, that's only violence that is already happening just not being experienced (much) by men. I don't think that many would have to die before it made a difference. I'm down with it being socially understood that rape is a death sentence. The police aren't doing it. 

I'm not really down with doing it myself and I'm not yet moving in assassin circles. Maybe I need more nutter friends. I used to be friends with a guy called Nobby who said he didn't mind being a psychopath because he thought society needed some psychopaths. 

I know the names of one unconvicted rapist and one unconvicted paedophile (well, last I heard he was in prison for child porn but he hasn't been done for the child rape). Both were cult members. Several women friends have told me something of when they were raped. It makes you want to kill.

It's not the state it's the streets and there are different rules. Don't get caught, that's the rule. That cuts both ways.


If you take your morality from the society you keep, those around you, then you're only as bad as everyone else. 

Alas, time and time again, we realise that common morality treats people awfully. To only be as bad as everyone else is a terrible curse. 

You don't escape moral responsibility for those you reject, ignore, hurt and casually despise just because everyone else does it too. Take personal responsibility for your beliefs and behaviour because you're personally responsible for them. 

Individuate or perish.

Interesting Times

The world is an interesting place and we live in interesting times. Thresholds and crossroads, the brink and the abyss.

We're on the way to true AI, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). That journey will change everything technologically speaking. Just like self driving cars will change everything. They're coming pretty fast, bit by bit.

Quantum computing, if it happens, will change everything technologically. Again.

Fusion has the potential to change everything, various countries are working on it and the UK is closest with CCFE.

Cheaper battery storage and solar panels can make a difference, if not quite change everything.

Electric cars will change everything, especially if we get cheaper and less polluting power. Moving away from an oil economy shifts power. New money, the tech giants, is very strong and that's real power.

Climate change is going to change everything in a big way.

Culturally I think there's a new occult revival, alongside a revolution of sexuality and identity in the face of nihilism and climate change.

A commercial space industry is changing everything. 

The rise of the pandemics! Great plagues, great plagues. Meanwhile we live longer and fewer live in poverty, we conquer diseases. Progress happens and the wheels turn.

First past the post as a voting system seems to produce two party systems that are awful. So shackled to the short term and populism is the inevitable result. The UK is in a difficult situation but with a less dictatorship prone system than the US.

I still say we need a shadow Satanic theocracy. Maybe we could call it the New World Order or something silly.

The American political, military, economic and healthcare systems all seem tied up in a horrible deadlock with no way out, just ever increasing public debt. Already they've been printing money because they can't borrow fast enough. That's worrying.

War between nuclear states India and Pakistan is worrying.

China and Russia are both malevolent and threatening. America seems to have full on cold war with China at the moment, dragging us and Europe into it.

UAE peace with Israel seems to bring some entrenching of power, the Palestinians seem fucked.

Stray "decommissioned" Russian nukes as sources for dirty bombs.

Syria is fucked, loads of other countries seem fucked. The resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the state of Iraq. Iran with nukes is genuinely scary. North Korea with nukes is genuinely scary.


The big question for polyamory is whether or not it's an orientation or whether it's innate in everyone but dormant due to social convention. 

I'm not sure that question can be answered definitively, but in practice you have to treat polyamory as an orientation because you have to believe those who identify as monogamous.

"Determined individuality is the only way to know who you truly are, to be certain your ideas and opinions and worldview come from you and not from other people. Individuate!"

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