Short Meditations: Does God Exist, Plastic Jesus, Empathic Narcissist, Join a Cult and more


Plastic Jesus

The tame and impotent god smiles a cheery and toothless grin. This god gets on with everyone; he welcomed the merchants back into the temple and invited the Pharisees to the best seats in the synagogue. 

No righteous anger from this one, what a nice chap he is. Not like the last one, we didn't like him. Such a nasty fellow, a troublemaker who always upset people and didn't know his place. Totally different from our new Plastic Jesus, we like him. 

And doesn't he get on well with his mate Concrete Jesus from the orthodox churches. A bit severe but so unchanging and rock solid faith, such a lot to admire. Just like Christians used to be, takes you right back.

Does God Exist

Does God exist or not? There's a definitive answer but a lot of you won't like it. Here's the answer: Does God exist or not? You can never know. 

Any experience of God must be psychological and therefore, short of miracles, there can't be any objective proof. So it cannot be proven, ever. And even with a miracle you can't prove there isn't a non-miraculous explanation. So you just can't ever prove the existence of God. If God did exist, having created reality in the way it exists now, we could never prove they existed. So we'd have to stop worrying about that question.

The assertion "God does not exist" is unfalsifiable. There is no way to prove it wrong.

However, the human animal has been gifted by evolution the capacity to connect with and experience what the mystics call the divine and the religious call God and the unbeliever mocks. So it's not a question of believing or not believing, it's a question of using the faculties of your mind or not.

I don't believe in the supernatural, I merely believe that the natural is more super than we give it credit for.

Empathic Narcissist

I identify as a narcissist. I'm an empathic narcissist though, the only valid kind of narcissist. I love other people but I love me too and I think about myself a lot. I think everyone does and you're allowed to, and you're allowed to have a positive opinion about yourself and stand up for yourself. In order to know yourself, to resolve your own trauma, and to understand the world which has shaped you, you have to think about yourself a lot. So it's not something anyone can ever criticise you for.

But I definitely love myself, there's no-one quite like me in my eyes.

As a narcissist I'm happiest when I'm at the centre, preferably amazing and delighting people. I don't mind serving so long as my part is noticed and acknowledged. Without that I get sad or angry. 

Unfulfilled narcissists can be selfish, bitter and manipulative. 

My theory of psychological pathology and inner healing: every pathology has a fulfilled aspect.


Whilst living in the cult as a true believer I fasted from all food for seven days. I did this once a year for a few years. I did it as a religious devotion, an exercise in discipline, and as a form of self denial to seek God.

I'd only feel hungry for the first day or two and then it was a kind of freedom and a slight edge to all of life. That first meal was always so eagerly anticipated, and because of the expectations such a disappointment. I'd fast from Tuesday dinner to Tuesday dinner. This was the cult Tuesday roast dinner, which we always had for our compulsory love feast called the agape meal where for the first few years we always got shouted at in the "second half", the talkie bit, by the senior apostolic leader of the cult with whom I lived.

Join a Cult

Bored, aimless and lacking purpose? Want to meet new and exciting people, most of whom probably aren't crazy? Join one our cults. 

We have a fine selection of cults, all of which participate in some way in The Great Work. The goal is, of course, world domination. Taking over the world by sending all the evil world leaders and the military industrial complex mad through their belief that we're doing black magic which is sending them mad.

To make a beginning of it we're practising on a particular church. One guilty of some heinous crimes over many years I would add. Apparently there are already some people having breakdowns.

The Great Work is begun!

We use the determined believers of the slave religions as insanity amplifiers. They want to believe in black magic and all manner of awful evil. The sensible ones stop believing, clearly it's bullshit and why would anyone drive themselves mad over it!? That's a nice side effect of the approach.

It turns the slave religion mindset directly against the host, as the mindset will insist the host goes mad in order to prove it is true. A sensible host abandons the mindset. Unless there are too many strong sources of insanity around them of course, then it's very hard not to believe because you can see it's true. By then it's too late.

Of course, the obvious way to convince someone you're doing black magic that is sending them mad is by doing black magic to send them mad. The cults have been busy. The black hoods of the Satanic fellowship bid you good day.


People using disliking you as a social tool for conformity, to stop you saying things they don't like. It's intellectually dishonest and morally repugnant. They'll usually say it's not what you're saying, it's the way that you say it. They don't listen to you because they don't like you. Nasty people. Social exclusion is a great evil. Love is the law, love under will. We choose to love.

Saying things you know people won't like you for, if they're true and need to be said, is a character quality worthy of admiration.


If you give in to your children's demands because you can't bear to see them unhappy you're teaching them that emotional manipulation works. If you don't care about their emotions you're cruel. 

So sometimes you have to make your children unhappy and still feel their unhappiness. Hardening your emotions to not feel it is bad for you, and means you're no longer connected to your child's emotions. Never letting them confront and learn to deal with difficult emotions produces childish and emotionally stunted adults. Balance.


The hell law of Principia Discordia:

The Hell Law says that Hell is reserved exclusively for them that believe in it. Further, the lowest Rung in Hell is reserved for them that believe in it on the supposition that they'll go there if they don't.

My hell law:

No hell but what they make.

"There's a lot of power in not reading things. Sometimes. Like messages or replies to comments. Just saying what you have to say and walking away."

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