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Short Meditations: Does God Exist, Plastic Jesus, Empathic Narcissist, Join a Cult and more

  Plastic Jesus The tame and impotent god smiles a cheery and toothless grin. This god gets on with everyone; he welcomed the merchants back into the temple and invited the Pharisees to the best seats in the synagogue.  No righteous anger from this one, what a nice chap he is. Not like the last one, we didn't like him. Such a nasty fellow, a troublemaker who always upset people and didn't know his place. Totally different from our new Plastic Jesus, we like him.  And doesn't he get on well with his mate Concrete Jesus from the orthodox churches. A bit severe but so unchanging and rock solid faith, such a lot to admire. Just like Christians used to be, takes you right back. Does God Exist Does God exist or not? There's a definitive answer but a lot of you won't like it. Here's the answer: Does God exist or not? You can never know.  Any experience of God must be psychological and therefore, short of miracles, there can't be any objective proof. So it cannot be