New Atheism

All dogma is wrong, I'm dogmatic about that.

On atheism. 

I consider new atheism defeated and pompous. You can derive a living spirituality from first principles and the nature of consciousness, understanding the role and value of myth and legend in shaping our collective psyche through history. So the metaphors and language and symbols of religion and spirituality have enormous power simply through their psychological reality. And all we can experience of the world comes to us as "psychological reality", so the life that legend and myth and religion and spirituality have within the collective psyche is the same kind of life as our normal experience of life.

So to just pretend it is all meaningless and without value is to grossly misunderstand yourself, your own own personal and psychological history, and to misunderstand the world.

Our subconscious mind forms gods out of the lives we live for none of us are separate from those around us and ideas and concepts are shared and can be bigger and older than any individual. It's a facet of evolution and the way we think together and our minds are formed in relation to one another from what came before. What the conscious rational mind thinks it believes is more or less irrelevant. Such a small part of the totality of who we are. What we call God is simply the way our subconscious connects to and interacts with "everything".

We are all merely the product of history, both psychologically and genetically we were formed out of what came before us. We partake of the nature of the world which has created us.

It has been said: "your holy books are all flawed and all have caused more misery and suffering than they are worth".

Of course they're flawed, they're written by humans. To imagine otherwise is foolish and to imagine they have no beauty because they are merely human is just as foolish. Humans cause wars and they use books as an excuse. Religion is a symptom of the human condition not a cause of it.

To not believe that the sacred and the holy can exist because suffering and evil exist. To refuse to see beauty in order to be right. That's not right, that's ridiculous. 

In my own life and the lives of others I have seen that transcendent experiences are beautiful, especially shared ones. Religions of all kinds seem to chart humanity's attempt to find and honour those experiences in their lives and all have varying degrees of success and sometimes horrible failure in that goal as they are all human constructs and symptoms of the human condition. To disdain them all without second glance, and to dishonour those who seek truth and beauty through them, seems like a sad mistake to my mind.

Proverbs 1:7 The respect of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but fools despise instruction.

"In this life beware, for not much is true although there is a truth and it matters very much how you lie."

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