White Male Privilege

Durham University
Back in the day Durham always resented being "second tier" to Oxbridge. An offer from Oxbridge meant that an application to Durham would be automatically rejected. They wouldn't be second to anyone. 

So a Durham degree always came with a tiny serving of chip on the shoulder.

Me? I'm a university dropout. No trace of a chip upon my shoulder at all... I'm genX, I hate everyone equally. Whatever university you did or didn't go to.

Cambridge for academics, Oxford for industrialists. But still the best engineers came from Cambridge.

Oxbridge. I went mad in the same fields as Syd Barrett. That was more than twenty years ago though.

My grandfather lectured in classics at St Catherine's and my father went to Corpus Christi. He met my mother in Cambridge and proposed on Castle Hill, an Anglo Saxon hill fort. 

I proposed to my wife on top of Castle Hill as well.

I chose Corpus because it was a small college, had the world renowned Jurisprudence (philosophy of law) expert as head of law and I wanted to study law, and I was pretty sure that the family connection would help too.

I was determined to get in. Corpus entry was by interview, and I was good at interview. If they liked you they made AAB offers for A-Levels and I could breeze that. 

After the interview I knew I'd get an offer. I did. AAB. And I breezed it.

Couldn't breeze college though. Life hit me hard in between. 

Still, I passed my first year - Roman, Criminal, Civil (Tort) and Constitutional Law - and got a desmond, a 2:2.

A fun adventure, before leading to my next adventure. That was over twenty years ago now.

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