The Recovery Guy's Mistress

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The brightest heart is a rebel heart

For a little while I had a strange Facebook messenger relationship with a woman I met in Brighton who was having an affair with the recovery guy who helped fix our car.

We'd driven to Brighton to attend an event called FILTH, as was our habit. A three hour flit across the country dressed in our finery. The tyre burst just as we rolled into Brighton, so we rolled on a little further and parked up. I was dressed as a schoolgirl and I looked fine.

After a fun evening, including adventures with a dwarf and a genderqueer saxophonist from Belgium we returned to the car with the dwarf to fix the tyre. The dwarf is a very nice guy called Adrian who we're still in touch with by the way, he was a great help that evening. I called the recovery people but started changing the tyre anyway, at the very least I could use their airgun to tighten my nuts (and we thought the play had finished for the evening).

Just as we finished replacing the tyre the recovery guy turned up, with his mistress.

He had been a good friend to her which ended up becoming more when her own relationship broke down. She was Eastern European and very cheeky.

I was wearing a schoolgirl uniform with a very short skirt and white lace knickers. She spanked my bum playfully whilst recovery guy finished off changing the tyre. I'd done a pretty good job, but he tightened my nuts pleasingly with his airgun.

Seeing her with me caused him to fear he would lose her. So he broke up with his wife and left her kids for him. She got drunk on a bottle of whisky and then phoned me to tell me.

They got together and we stayed friends. My friendship with her eventually caused her to break up, for a while, with the recovery guy who was insanely jealous and tried to control her every action. There was a brief period when it was a very sad story. She was pregnant with his child, which was unintentional a roll of the dice, but was Catholic and couldn't bear the thought of an abortion. So she was pregnant, heart broken and her eldest son went back to her abusive ex because he couldn't cope with her being pregnant with the child of a man she wasn't with. But then he came to his senses, they're happy, and now she doesn't talk to me any more.

So a happy ending I guess.

"The fire that burns but does not consume, the thirst that grows the more you quench it, a hunger increasing as you eat good food."

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