Twagging and the Garden Hip Hop

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Twagging was the Northern English vernacular for cutting school back when I was a wee nipper. Something I never did, nor did I ever receive a detention. Signs of a seriously misspent youth of which I am appropriately ashamed.

A pasttime I did indulge in was garden hopping. This involved finding a row of suburban dwellings with adjacent gardens separated by fences, normally six foot high. Just high enough for a kid to shinny over. So long as the fences at the start of the row and the end of the row are bordered by roads or paths it's possible to scramble from start to finish with the only obstacle between being a series of fences in various states of disrepair and angry occupants similarly in varying states of disrepair. Even if the occupants were in the garden and could see you coming they were usually surprised enough that you could get across their garden and into the next before they'd even decided they ought to try and stop you. Looking back to see their faces was fun but ill-advised as once you start you better not stop until you get to the end.

I don't think we ever got caught, and we rarely demolished too many fences along the way, but we certainly had some near misses. Such a great form of exercise and a hearty adrenaline kick to boot.

Of course as a young adult at university we had moved beyond such childish pasttimes to much more sophisticated means of entertainment. Bridge hopping was one of my favourite. We'd hire a punt on the river Cam and load it up with beer and marijuana. Many of the bridges on the river cam are just low enough that standing at the front of punt it's possible to pull yourself up onto the bridge, dash to the other side and get back into the punt before it has moved out of range.

How hard this is depends on just how much of the beer and marijuana you've consumed, and just how much your friends want to see you dunked in the cam by getting the punt far enough out of reach before you can get back in.

Such fun.

"I know I am wrong in so many ways, but I'm willing to be right wherever it may take me and whatever it may cost me."

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