Where are the hungry ones?

Wonderful words from our worship leader Stevo Scott, during the first session of our "Alive Weekend". I couldn't have put it better myself, no really, I couldn't...

I sense God asking us how much we want him to come. Pointing out our lethargy, our indifference. God is saying where are the thirsty ones, where are the ones who cry out day and night for my spirit to come. Where are the ones who are satisfied with nothing else.

We're too satisfied. We're too distracted. Let's bring ourselves to God.Let's allow him to speak to us. Where are the ones who hunger for me says the Lord. Where are the ones who search for me says the Lord. Where are the ones who agonise over my church.

God longs to pour out his life amongst us, to make us a light to the world. But he longs for us to want it enough to fight for it. To *push aside* everything else. He isn't a stingy God withholding his blessing, waiting us to find the right things to do. He longs over us - and it's when our longing meets his longing that the spirit really moves.

Let's push into God together and find more of him. 

(Many thanks to James Norden for producing the video for this. If you like this song, a longer recording of this performance is available on the Jesus Army Soundcloud page.)

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