Monday, 9 February 2015

On holiness

The Jesus Fellowship "Forward" blog published an article of mine on Holiness:
"As Christians we are called to be holy (as God is holy), but we also know that we can never match up to God’s standard. We can never be holy in our own right, we can only be made holy by Him. This is another manifestation of the paradox at the heart of the gospel[...]"

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Where's the life?

Our God is a burning fire, an infinite heart of love. Capable of more than we can dream or imagine. We can be filled with life abundant, know rivers of life pouring from us. We sing all these things but do we see them happen? And if not, why not - how do we get there, where's the life?

The biggest barrier to us finding the incredible life we *know* is available to us is thinking we've already found it. Those who think they've found stop searching. But we *know* there's so much more.

God feeds the hungry, he satisfies the thirsty. Let's be desperate for God's life, desperate and hungry and thirsty for his life and power in the church. And then we'll find it, gradually.

Do you ever do anything that takes every fibre of your being? I jog for a short distance, a couple of kilometres most days. I like to finish with a sprint and give it everything I've got. Every part of me glows and aches afterwards, I put everything I've got and everything I am into that last run (sometimes). That's how we need to long after God, turn our lives our hearts and desires into him. And the stronger your passion and fierce desire the more of God you'll find. May it never be enough.

Burn fire of God. Heart, mind and will, a sacrifice ascending. Wonderful stuff to sing, but do we really know how to free our entrenched will and bring it all to God? Imagine what people we could be if we did! Burn fire of God, yes please! Let's find out how. And let's do it together. A people on fire and filled with the life of God. A burning, blazing light. A city on a hill. I can't imagine anything better.

And the best thing is God promises it can happen. This isn't my idea, it's not your idea, it's God's. He wants to do it. In fact he *longs* to pour out his life and love amongst us. But he longs for us to want it enough to take it, to take hold of the promises he makes, to take him at his word and push our lives into him. Then we'll find it, that's the promise. Violent men take the kingdom of God by force. By force! It takes strength and will to seize the life and power of God. But it's not a worldly strength, it's a strength open to anyone. But first you have to acknowledge you don't already have it and start searching for it. Where is the life that God promised, where is the power, where is the healing, where are the transformed lives? This isn't it, there's more, so much more. Let's believe God when he says that if we seek we'll find and let's put our whole beings into it. Heart, mind and will a sacrifice ascending.


Does your idea of God conform to your doctrine, and your understanding of the bible, or is your doctrine conformed to your knowledge of God? Because if you claim to be a Christian it really better be the latter.

For too many Christians God is constrained by their understanding of the bible. And that leaves room for only a very small God. This is a theme I'll return to, because the deep tragedy is that the bible can become what keeps you from God rather than pointing you to God.