Friday, 23 January 2015

Pursuing Faith

Originally posted to facebook on 28th November 2014.
This is part two of a two part series of posts. Part one is: Pursuing Faith.
I don't often post spiritual stuff to Facebook. I have many non-Christian friends and I don't want to force my faith down anyone's throat. My faith is a core part of my life. Scratch that. It's *the core* of my life. So if you're really my friend (otherwise how are you reading this?) you'll have to accept a bit of it, or you're incapable of accepting me.

I'm still reticent, for a few reasons. The first is that my faith is not just precious to me, but quite literally something I hold sacred. I know some of you hold faith in scorn (but thankfully most of you have some empathy in your dealings with people of faith). I have no desire to open the most precious, and most beautiful, part of my life to scorn. I suspect I need to toughen up here.

Beyond that, I know that many of my friends are confirmed atheists. But not callously or carelessly, it's a considered and settled position. I have every sympathy with this. I was an atheist myself for some time and I understand the arguments and the questions an atheist would pose to a Christian. And I don't have answers to all the questions. Furthermore I think it's a perfectly *reasonable* position to take, a rational response to living in this world we find ourselves in - with little apparent sign of a God. The difference with me I guess, is my own experiences. I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't pursue faith and God.

Perhaps more than this though, I find it *difficult* to explain my faith to someone who's never experienced God. For those of you who are rational atheists, and who read this far, this is the closest I've come:

I venerate love as holy and sacred. I exalt it and I exalt in it, this is what worship is. In doing this I've found that love is a burning fire. And what's more it is life itself, and has volition. And I call it God. And I will pursue this with everything in me. And I can't be any other way. The fire and strength, and perfect holiness I've found in God I've seen in nothing else - and to share this with other people, to live in it and to live for it, is the best thing I can possibly imagine. For all the debate and discussions and difficulties I've not seen anyone living a better way.
Still too flowery. But true.

That sounds lovely. But there's more. I'm willing to believe that love has defeated death, that love wins. And that love has a name, was made perfect in Jesus Christ.

Now how you can *know* this, not just "take it on faith", (I vehemently don't think that faith means "believing something you can't know is true" - but that's *another* topic) is the question. And that's what I'm pursuing with all my strength and all my soul. Turning my mind and life toward. Because if it's true, it changes everything. And if I suspect it's true, how could I *not* pursue it.

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